Where to Find RV Replacement Cabinets: A Detailed Guide

Many enthusiasts wonder where to find RV replacement cabinets and furniture and the thought often sends shivers down their spines. But it isn’t rocket science. 

Solid wood options, customized solutions, amusing wood designs, you name it, RV cabinetry has a world of options teeming with possibilities. RV interiors offer a plethora of choices. 

For the movie buffs among us, the entertainment center of an RV speaks volumes about your taste. So, heading towards Visone RV or the likes is a fantastic first step. It offers a rotating selection of cabinetry, doors, and hardware at affordable prices, along with just about every other type of camper furniture you can shove into your recreational vehicle. 

Where to Find RV Replacement Cabinets

Key Takeaways

  • Getting a hold of solid wood RV cabinetry from reliable retailers such as Visone RV and Camping World is a smart first step.
  • The versatility and functionality of your entertainment center significantly amp up, thanks to a wide range of options for cabinets and furniture in your RV.
  • Understanding the unique attributes of RV cabinetry is essential, so you can make an educated decision.

Understanding the Unique Qualities of RV Cabinets

The size and the hardware of RV cabinets give them their unique panache. Round off those corners- camper’s walls often have curves and dealing with them requires custom-fit solutions. 

What Makes RV Cabinets Different from Residential Ones?

The first timer gawking at the mysterious, confounding world of RV cabinets. You can start making sense by comparing them to regular residential cabinets. 

The charm of RV cabinets lies in their size and the hardware they require. These have hardly any thickness when compared to residential cabinets. Whip your tape out and you’ll see – you’ll need a custom fit to meld with curves of the camper’s walls. Add special hinges and latches to keep the show running smooth.

Importance of Choosing the Right RV Cabinets

The correct RV cabinets fit perfectly but the little secret is to focus on factors beyond mere aesthetics, taking a stygian dive into its functional characteristics. The right RV cabinets harness the powers of special hinges and latches, offering easy access while ensuring secure closure. 

Where to Find RV Replacement Cabinets

Steps to Safely Remove Old Cabinets in an RV

Here is a bonafide guide to navigate the removal of old cabinets in your RV:

Inspect the Cabinet Connection Points

Before any demolition derby, take a look at the attachments. RV cabinetry has some obvious and some not-so-obvious connection points. Start by studying the layout of screw heads. 

A little lookout, many a time, the cabinets wear false bottoms or panels, that’s where your RV outsmarts you. They often conceal wiring and other tinkering underneath. A heavy-handed attempt at unscrewing and you might be looking at a trip to the electrician. Observe, inspect, and then pounce!

Locating and Removing Retaining Screws

Once you get the lay of the land, the next step is to dig out the retaining screws. You need the stealth of a cat and a trustworthy screw gun by your side. Keep your eyes peeled as the screws might not be all visible at the first glance. 

Properly Pulling the RV Cabinet Off

Removing an RV cabinet needs elegance as you are not supposed to wrestle it off the wall. Gentle and steady, coax it off the wall. Keeping in mind the difference between RV cabinets and the residential ones. Due to their unique size and hardware, there’s a particular way to remove them. 

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The Search for Suitable RV Replacement Cabinets

Turn on your search engine and sift through the endless pages of RV furniture dealers; you’re likely to get a headache. To save you from this incessant scrolling, let’s go straight to the point and talk about where you can find decent RV replacement cabinets for your recreational vehicle.

Locating Reputable RV Cabinet Retailers

Amidst the overcrowded RV interiors market, one store stands out: Coach Supply Direct. It is known for its solid wood RV replacement cabinets and furniture, all Amish-built. Hand-crafted cabinets that not only serve you well but also give your RV a homey feel. Additionally, if you need any custom tweaks, they’re up for it too. With an impressive track record, Coach Supply Direct is a solid bet for a quality RV cabinet retailer.

Selecting New RV Cabinets: Things to Keep in Mind

Finding a retailer is one thing, but the trickier part is selecting the right RV replacement cabinets. You have to keep various factors in consideration like the size, fit, and most importantly, how it accommodates the unique curves of your camper’s wall. 

Remember, RV replacement cabinets are quite different from their residential cousins; they need special hinges and latches so stuff doesn’t go gallivanting around while you’re on the move.

Therefore, always go for cabinets designed specifically for an RV. While this might sound like an inconvenience, it’s actually a plus. RV replacement cabinets ensure that your stuff stays put and the doors stay shut. 

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Best Categories of RV Replacement Cabinets to Consider

Having beaten around the bush enough about where to find and select RV replacement cabinets, let’s talk categories. Whether it’s for your bedroom, the kitchen, or even the entertainment center, here are cabinets you can consider.

RV Bedroom Storage Cabinets: Maximizing Space

The RV bedroom needs a master in maximizing storage space. You need the right cabinets to keep things tidy and in check. Among other retailers, Dave & LJ’s take the badge here. These guys are sharpshooters when it comes to installing bedroom RV cabinets that provide maximum storage space from what you have. 

RV Kitchen Cabinets: Enhancing Functionality

In the kitchen, efficiency is king; you can’t go juggling pots and pans. This is where functional kitchen cabinets come in. If your existing ones have retired, it’s time to modify or replace them with ones that serve you better. With the right selection of RV kitchen cabinets, you can turn your cooking space into a maestro’s playground.

RV Entertainment Center Cabinets: Balancing Style and Practicality

When it comes to the RV entertainment center, it’s a whole different ball game. You’re not just looking for something that’ll hold your electronic equipment, books, or office equipment. Here, it’s about the blend of style and practicality. 

When seeking to purchase RV cabinets for your entertainment center, consider both form and function. In the RV cabinet world, this translates to design, accessibility, and of course, storage capacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

RV cabinets differ from residential ones in size, weight, and materials. RV cabinets are designed to be lightweight, compact, and durable to withstand the rigors of travel. They often have secure latches and may use space-saving designs to maximize storage in smaller spaces, whereas residential cabinets prioritize aesthetics and may be heavier.

Yes, using RV-specific cabinets is essential. They are designed to meet the unique demands of RV living, ensuring durability, space optimization, and weight considerations. Regular residential cabinets may not withstand the constant movement and vibrations of an RV, potentially leading to damage or safety hazards.

Custom fit cabinets for RVs offer several advantages. They make efficient use of limited space, providing tailored storage solutions for specific needs. This customization enhances functionality and organization while ensuring a snug fit, preventing rattling or shifting during travel. Additionally, it adds a personal touch to your RV’s interior design.

Special hinges and latches are recommended for RV cabinets. They are designed to handle the movement and vibrations encountered during travel, keeping cabinet doors securely closed and preventing damage. These specialized hardware options help maintain the integrity of the cabinets and ensure safety while on the road. Investing in them is a wise choice for RV owners.

Replacing cabinets can enhance functionality, improve aesthetics, and accommodate specific needs, such as extra storage or modernization.

Measure height, width, depth, and note any unique features. Consult a guide or professional for accurate measurements.

Can You Build Your Own Cabinets for an RV?

You can surely build your own cabinets for an RV. As long as you have hammering skills and a pair of hands that can cut a straight line, you’re good to go. Maybe a screwdriver and a jigsaw could help too. Besides, doing it yourself saves you a fortune. 

However, don’t just willy-nilly start knocking stuff together. Planning is your friend. Think about the space, what you need, and how the replacements will actually fit. 

Also, consider the weight; remember, your RV needs to stay on the light side. And when it’s time to install the new cabinets, go slow. 

Wrapping It Up: Making RV Cabinet Replacement a Smooth Process

Whether you’re rebuilding after some vandalism or just got an itch for fresh cupboards, you’ve got options on how to find replacement RV cabinets. You can strut into a brick and mortar RV dealership, or fancy a digital hunt on the web. 

Nevertheless, when yanking out your old cabinets, gently pull. And when installing the new ones, attach them with studs; think of them as wooden braces to keep those cabinets steady as a rock.

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