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RV Collection 1

For Women Only: RV Collection 1

Margo Armstrong has given RVers -- not just women RVers, at that -- an awesome collection with this trio of previously published titles. Prepare to take notes. Prepare to learn a lot. Her advice is well-researched and thorough, and drawing on her own experiences as a twenty-plus year RVer.

For Women Only: Traveling Solo in Your RV covers everything from selecting an RV to purchasing one (far or near), from dealing with repairs to the travel itself, including being safe on the road and finding parks and campgrounds.

For Women Only: Motorhome Care & Maintenance covers the mechanical aspects of an RV as well as the appliances and utilities unique to RVs. Hot weather tips and advice on storing your motorhome provide suggestions you might not even consider otherwise.

Plenty of diagrams help, and Armstrong's ability to distill complicated information into understandable -- and practical -- language is astounding. It might prove taxing to read from start to finish, but as a reference to consult for specific issues, this book alone with worth the price of the collection for the answers and insight it delivers.

Healthcare & the RV Lifestyle is essential reading for anyone venturing out while dealing with health issues (or anticipating them, which is most of us). The book focuses on Medicare as well as the specific challenges those traveling full-time can face when it comes to state-based health care programs. None of us wants to have to think about whether we're covered for this or that, but the world is a crazy place and it's always best to know what to expect, what's possible, and where the landmines are buried.

While I didn't always agree with the recommendations, my disagreements stemmed from different taste and experiences. Even so, I highly recommend this collection: you could manage an RVing lifestyle without her books, but you'll be a lot better off with them!
~Ellen Brehens

Travel Solo

For Women Only: Traveling Solo in Your RV

This book contained an amazing amount of useful information. I'm in the beginning phase of learning about solo RV travel (I'm planning to hit the road in about three years), and I'm sure I'll be referring back to this book regularly. I feel much more confident about being able to handle the lifestyle on my own, and am so glad I ran across this great book. ~ Miss Belgravia

I really enjoyed reading this eBook. It is geared to the woman's experience and some of the issues that a woman alone might need to address before going on the road. It has good reference points and how to approach getting ready for travel. As in any situation a woman alone must stay alert to her situation and take steps to insure her safety. But I think this book lays out many great tips for having a fantastic adventure on the road. I recommend it to any one looking to get out there and go traveling.~ Linda Lorein

Great information here. This is my manual for how to deal with everything on the road.

I just purchased my first RV and found this book very helpful. It provides an overview of many issues that need to be addressed. Reading it warms me up to becoming a single woman RVer, and having it as a reference feels supportive. ~ Linnea Carlson-Sabelli
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Motorhome Care

For Women Only: Motorhome Care & Maintenance

Conquer the Road

Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers

This is a great book for beginning do-it-yourselfers (like myself). A lot of overview about basic things, so you know you are doing the right thing for yourself.

It's a guide more than a How-to book. But it includes proper procedures for many things like how to properly maintain and handle your sewer system, troubleshooting the water heater, refrigerator, furnace, etc.

This book also includes how to communicate with the repairman so you don't get swindled. I particularly appreciated this part of the book. Another useful tool in the book that is very handy, are the commonly used acronyms for weight balance. Detailed descriptions about these acronyms. These help you keep your rig balanced! Very important! I feel more confident now that I know more about my RV. A book worth getting! ~DP

Working on the Road

Working On The Road: For Professionals and Just Fun-Loving Folks

Both of my jobs involve lots of travel. Both of my hobbies also involve lots of travel. Maybe not as much travel as an RV-er, but still, a lot of travel. I was really happy to pick up this short little book because it had some fantastic ideas about how to stay connected, even when you are in the way back.

The section on solar panels was also very useful because I've been considering buying some solar panels for the farm. While this book is intended for RV-ers, it had very useful information for this lawyer/author/rock-climber! ~ jt kalnay


Writing & Publishing Books for Fun & Profit

Excellent book on the technical details of self publishing. Easy to read; easy to follow. General advice on how to select a topic for your eBook and how to get started. Excellent advice on promoting and advertising your finished eBook.

Detailed information on software to use, such as MS Word and Calibre. Details on submitting to each of the major eBook vendors, including Books on Demand.

To get the most out of this book, you need to be personally involved in the technical details of publishing. If you are planning to pay someone else to do the technical work for you, then most of this book is interesting but too technical.~Ken


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