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RV Lifestyle Experts is run by husband and wife team, Eddie and Jocelyn Meyers.

Eddie Meyers


Hey, welcome to our site. My name is Eddie, and I am an RV enthusiast! All my life, I have worked busy jobs, where I am away from my home, my family and always working long hours. That’s why when I am at home, I like to have as much fun and quality time as possible.

When the kids were little, I strived to take them on as many trips and camping experiences as possible. It’s a great way to disconnect from the world, teach them about nature, and give them the tools and opportunities they need to learn and thrive.

I have enjoyed traveling all my life, and want to give my family the same opportunities to see as much of the world as possible, just like my parents did for me.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered how great RVs can be for vacations with a young family. It’s less costly, you don’t have to worry about flights, and you can get on the open road and have a road trip- stopping to see the sights along the way.

I think that so many people don’t try RV living because there is a lot to learn. You need adapters, hoses, batteries, and so many supplies to keep it running smoothly.

Here at RV Lifestyle Experts, I want to share my experiences, the tips I’ve picked up along the way, and give you all of the information that you need to have fun in your RV without any issues or bumps along the way.

I hope that our guides can encourage you to try the RV lifestyle. I promise you that you won’t regret it! 

Jocelyn Meyers


Hi, my name is Jocelyn, and Eddie and I have been married for 9 years. We have lived in beautiful homes, raised our young children in our own backyard, but there is nothing better than getting on the road, camping out and traveling.

We love visiting all of the campsites and national parks that the country has to offer. When Eddie first came to me with the idea of buying an RV, I laughed him off, and thought we were too young and RV’s were for retired couples hoping to have a staycation.

But boy, has my mind been changed! We love taking the kids on trips in the RV now. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together, and you get to see such beautiful scenery and sleep right in the heart of nature.

Having been on a number of trips, we often get asked where is best to go with an RV, or how we manage being in a smaller space while traveling. This is why we started RV Lifestyle Experts. Our friends were always coming to us for advice, so we saw an opportunity to spread our knowledge with the world!

While my husband is more technical minded, and can help you find out what amps and batteries you will need for your RV, or with troubleshooting problems, I can help you make it feel more like a home.

I love home decor, and I love being snazzy and smart with my design choices. Therefore, I can help you find out where best to place your furniture to give you more open space, or the best storage ideas to maximize the space, or even give you ideas and inspiration on how to decorate your RV.

We love traveling in our RV, but the lack of space can be hard to get used to, so I have come up with many different ways to make the RV feel cozy, while also being functional, and offering all of the amenities that you could need on your travels!

I hope that you find our articles insightful and helpful, and you can start your own RV Lifestyle journey too!


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