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Buying That First RV
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You have looked online (RVTrader.com, RVT.com, and other FSBO sites) and found several RVs that you like. The layout looks good for you, the price range is right, it has hydraulic levelers, powerful enough diesel engine, big enough TV, quality built, enough slides, and includes most of what you wanted; it just happens to be in Arizona, California, Utah ...

There is a new organization available to assist you. They certify, and help you search for, RV inspectors. Go to NRVIA.org and use the search field to find an inspector in that area.

RV Inspection Connection is a company comprised of NRVIA certified inspectors. Find out everything you need to know about what they include in their inspections. Pricing starts at $295 and includes photos. Take  a look at the reports they generate here.

Have this inspector go look at the RV and check it out. Changing RVs within the first year or two is very expensive.

When the inspector finds the right RV, make a deal with the owner (Intent to Purchase) and either drive there to pick the motorhome up or have it driven to you by a professional. An RV Purchase Option Agreement is helpful to complete the deal. Use this example and create your own agreement, or use as is.

It could also be delivered to an RV driving school, meet it there, take the course and drive away. See Driving-Schools-BootCamps for a list.

The RV inspector makes sure you do not get a lemon, so you cannot lose there. You might also want to get a fluid analysis to ensure the engine is in good condition. The inspector should be able to help you there. Believe me, the first RV sets the stage for a great full-time experience. Get the right one for you.

Having the RV inspected by a professional is always a good idea no matter where you buy it; even if the inspector is a local RV repairperson.


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Choosing That First RV

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