7 Best Pagosa Springs Hot Springs You Need To See

Are you planning a visit to Pagosa Springs and don’t know what Hot Springs to visit? 

Maybe you are looking for a new hot spring to check out and don’t know which one to see? 

Or are you curious about Pagosa Springs and want to know more? No matter what the reason is that brought you here, we have the answers for you!

7 Best Pagosa Springs Hot Springs You Need To See!

Finding a new hot spring to visit can be tricky, especially in Pagosa Springs.

How do you narrow down your choice and find the best hot springs for you?

Well, you try to head online and find a recommendation, but with countless pages of conflicting and contradicting information, you are left more confused and unsure than when you first started searching.

What are you supposed to do now?

Well, you can turn to us for help! Today, we are here with all the answers you need.

Keep reading to see the 7 best Pagosa Springs hot springs that you need to see!

We have a mixture of free and paid-for hot springs you need to see and plenty of hints and tips to make the most of your journey.

Let’s dive in now and start our list of the best hot springs in Pagosa Springs now!

1. Rainbow Hot Springs

First up, we have Rainbow Hot Springs! You can use the GPS coordinates 37.45775, – 106.91939 to find the beautiful and free hot springs.

The hike this spring is moderate to difficult and is a 10-mile round trip.

This isn’t one for the faint-hearted, so be sure to take plenty of supplies for your trip.

The springs are in a remote setting, surrounded by nature. To find the spring, drive for 30 minutes east of downtown Pagosa Springs.

Turn off on Rd 648, just before Treasure Falls. You can park at the trailhead and hike to reach the hot springs and campsites.

The hike can be difficult in parts, so be sure to take your time.

The hot spring is between campsites 6 and 7, but there is a rocky and steep path that you need to climb down to reach it.

The springs might be covered or dried out depending on the height of the river, so be sure to check the weather beforehand.

For those wanting to camp at the hot springs, you should aim to get there early, especially on a Saturday during peak summer time to ensure you get a space.

You don’t need a reservation or backcountry permit either!

We think the best time to visit is between June and early October.

Any snow will have melted and Pagosa will be out of mud season!

Some people do the trail during winter, but you will need to hike further as the road isn’t open, and you will need snowshoes or cross-country skis.

Use an app or map to ensure that you are on the correct trail at all times.

There isn’t a lot of shade coverage on the trail, so be sure to bring a hat and wear plenty of sunblock!

Next, we have Hippie Dip Hot Springs, another free hot spring for you to visit!

You can access this hot spring for free all year round!

You can find it by using the coordinates 37.266634, -107.0086812. It is just below the Hot Springs Blvd bridge on the east side.

There are two beautiful hot springs here that you can soak in after a day spent in downtown Pagosa Springs!

You can park in Mary Fisher Park and walk just 50 feet down a hill to get there.

The walk isn’t too difficult, making it an easy spring for most people to access.

As the hot spring is in the middle of downtown, there is a slim chance you will have it to yourself.

But don’t let that put you off! It’s a lovely spring to dip your toes into and relax as you watch the river.

If you find the pools too hot you can jump into the San Juan River and cool down!

There is a small access point next to the springs, making it super easy for you to access the river.

Located on 321 Hot Springs Blvd, Nathan’s Hippy Dip Hot Springs.

These springs can be accessed through the main visitor parking lot next to the Tequilas Restaurant. 

These hot springs are easy to find, making them a perfect option for anyone unfamiliar with Pagosa Springs.

You can spot these springs right off the river, usually with people relaxing there!

If you are unsure, look for a circle formed by rocks with steam coming from the top.

You are sure to be amazed by the scenery surrounding the hot springs!

It is beautiful, surrounded by downtown and the beautiful San Juan River.

There are plenty of people watching to do here too, thanks to the people floating in the river, and the views of the paid spas nearby.

For a truly spectacular experience, get to the springs for sunrise.

It’s the best time for an unreal view as the sun rises over Pagosa Springs, and you have a better chance of having the springs to yourself. What more could you want?

Piedra River, otherwise known as Sheep Creek is another fantastic free hot spring you can enjoy in Pagosa Springs.

You can find the hot springs by using the coordinates 37.30295, – 107.3361 and taking a 3-mile round-trip hike.

While the hike isn’t overly long, it’s considered to be moderate in terms of difficulty as it is quite steep in parts.

Make sure you take your time when doing the hike if you aren’t comfortable with steep inclines.

You will need to drive 45 minutes west of downtown Pagosa Springs to find the trailhead for the springs.

The road to the trail, USFS 622, is closed for the winter, usually from November to late April, so be sure not to plan a visit during the winter!

Once you have parked up, you can take a steep hike to a few small hot springs off Piedra River.

You need to hike downhill for 600 feet to get to the springs.

While the hike down isn’t too bad, it is quite steep coming up, so be prepared for a tough hike, especially for the last mile!

During spring, the river is higher making some of the pools less visible and colder than normal.

If you want to visit the springs at the warmest, head to the springs in the summer!

When the river is low, this can be the hottest spring in Pagosa!

Plus, the trail is horse, dog, and child friendly, making it a great free trip for the whole family!

Overlook Hot Springs can be found at 432 Pagosa St, with stunning views of the mountains and rolling hillsides!

If you have been to Pagosa Springs before, we bet you have walked past the storefront, not knowing that in their courtyard there are 7 hot tubs!

Six of these are perfect for two to four people, making them ideal for couples or groups of friends.

You can also enjoy a cold plunge tub if you want a quick refresh, it’s perfect any time of the year!

There are an additional three hot spring tubs on the rooftop deck that overlook the town and San Juan River.

Overlook Hot Springs is smaller than the resorts, it’s a wonderful option for those on a budget.

You can still enjoy many of the same amenities too! There is prenatal, hot stone, and couples massages that you can enjoy.

You can also have a private one-hour soak in a hot spring-filled tub which is great for soothing your muscles!

It’s worth a try for those looking for a couples’ break or a weekend getaway!

It’s worth noting that Overlook Hot Springs does not have rooms for an overnight stay, so you will need to stay in a resort in Pagosa Springs.

Thankfully, there are lots of places you can stay in Pagosa Springs depending on your budget.

Located on 317 Hot Springs Blvd is Healing Waters Resort and Spa.

This resort is one of the more affordable options in Pagosa Springs, making it the perfect option for anyone on a budget.

Here you can enjoy unlimited access to the springs with a range of accommodations from RV parking to cabins.

There is something for everyone here!

Plus, when you stay here, you can enjoy the hot springs for free!

And if you want to visit the springs without spending the night, you can pay for a daily pass.

You don’t need a reservation to do this either, so you don’t need to worry about planning too far ahead.

At Healing Waters, you can enjoy a large swimming pool filled with mineral water, an outdoor hot tub, and separate men’s and women’s indoor hot baths.

You can also have an Aquastretch treatment in one of their warm pools which is fantastic for soothing your muscles after hiking or skiing on any of the trails!

If you are visiting on a day pass, you can make use of the lockers provided to store your personal items.

You can also bring your own food and drink, but alcohol is not permitted.

None of the drinks can be in glass bottles either.

Healing Waters Resort and Spa is perfect for a budget-friendly option that still allows you to enjoy a relaxing break at Pagosa Springs!

Also known as the Springs Resort, Pagosa Hot Springs is the most luxurious resort in Pagosa Springs!

Located on 323 Hot Springs Blvd, you will want to check on their website for accurate pricing.

There are a whopping 25 hot springs to choose from, all with a stunning view of the San Juan River!

All of these pools are naturally fed by the Mother Spring, the deepest geothermal spring in the world, with a depth of 2,002 feet!

This hot spring is located just outside the resort with 13 minerals in the water that can help to increase energy, strengthen muscles and bones, lower blood pressure, and promote healthy skin.

Each of the pools you can choose from varies in temperature from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 114 degrees Fahrenheit and ranges in size too.

You can visit on a standard daily pass without a reservation and can access 20 of the pools.

If you want access to all 25 pools and an adult-only terrace, you will need to make a reservation.

This is more expensive than the standard pass, but you get access to all the pools for the entire day!

You can stay in the next resort too if you want to save some money and opt for the day pass.

It’s worth noting that you are not allowed to take any food or drink into Springs Resort (excluding a water bottle).

This is because you can order food and drink there!

There is a number you can text your order to and have food brought right to the pool you are currently in!

Also, there are plenty of spa services you can take advantage of here too!

Amazingly, there is a range of 60-minute treatments you can enjoy, and you can find the cost of these online.

It is one of the more expensive resorts to visit in Pagosa Springs, but it is worth it if you want a luxurious experience!

What To Consider When Visiting Hot Springs

There are a few things that you should consider when visiting hot springs.

Hot springs have been used for centuries thanks to their restorative and healing properties.

The first thing you need to consider is your behavior, you will need to be respectful of tradition and cultures to ensure the hot springs are around for future generations to enjoy!

We have a list of tips that we think will help when you are visiting hot springs.

Let’s check it out now so you can see what you should consider when visiting hot springs.

  1. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration while you are in the hot springs, or hiking to the springs
  2. Do not take any glass with you
  3. Take a towel, or one provided by the resort if you are staying at the hot springs
  4. Hot springs at resorts require you to be clothed when you are in the hot springs. In remote springs, people commonly enjoy them naked, but it is not essential
  5. Arrive early so you can relax before it gets busy
  6. It is a relaxing environment in a hot spring, for this reason, some people choose not to bring children
  7. Wash any oils or lotions off before entering the hot spring
  8. Take any rubbish or items with you when leaving the springs
  9. Do not hog the hot spring, it is for everyone to enjoy!
  10. If you are taking any animals, be mindful to keep them out of the hot spring unless you are told they are permitted there

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you have us today, be sure to check our brief FAQ section to get the answer to your last-minute questions.

What Should I Take To The Hot Springs?

Every bag will look different depending on if you are staying at a resort or visiting a free hot spring, but we have a list below of items that are useful to take to a hot spring! Check out our list below.

  • A backpack or beach bag
  • Microfiber towels if they are not provided by your resort
  • Water bottle
  • Sunglasses
  • Bathing suit and cover-up (if needed)
  • Pool shoes
  • Sun hat
  • Sunscreen

Should I Visit A Free Or Paid For Hot Springs?

Whether you visit a free hot spring or one as part of a resort depends on a few factors.

Free hot springs do not tend to have any amenities and are quite remote, which requires some effort on your part to reach them.

However, they can be quieter and allow you to enjoy the hot spring surrounded by nature.

You can find trails to access, but some of them involve hiking on steep inclines.

A paid-for hot spring as part of a resort will have amenities on hand, like towels, snacks, robes, etc. that give your hot spring experience a high-end touch.

There is a variety of paid-for hot springs for you to choose from depending on your budget and the experience you want.

Many of the resorts also offer spa treatments, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world of relaxation!

When deciding whether to pay for a hot spring or not, consider what experience you want, your budget, and if you want to stay or not.

If you are planning to stay, it’s worth paying for a resort with hot springs on site, as you can have access to them without the need for any hikes.

The choice is yours and thankfully Pagosa Springs has lots for you to choose from!

How Hot Are Hot Springs At Pagosa Springs?

The temperature of the hot springs at Pagosa Springs varies from 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 114 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature of these hot springs will vary depending on the time of year you visit and the weather.

But fear not, the hot springs will always be hot enough for you to enjoy!

Resorts tend to offer a variety of temperatures too, so you are sure to find the perfect hot spring for you.

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