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Volunteer Activities That are Easy to Do

Quick Volunteer Opportunities

  • If you are near a state, federal or local park or forest, pick-up litter. If you are not near one of these parks look for other opportunities to pick up litter.

  • Visit residents in a retirement community or nursing home.

  • Take your pet to visit or share travel slides with the residents.

  • Offer to take a resident in a wheel chair for a roll around
    the block.

  • Play cards with the residents or write a letter for someone who can no longer write. If possible, contact the facility in advance to make arrangements.

  • Visit the local pet shelter and walk or play with the animals.

  • Send a postcard to someone shut in or who is no longer able to travel.

  • CARE residents would love a postcard from you! (CARE Residents, 2000 CARE Center Drive, Livingston, TX 77351)

  • Check with a local church to see if there is an elderly person who would enjoy a visit or needs errands run.

  • If you are a fix-it person you could see if there is an elderly person or family down on their luck who could use
    your assistance.

Two interesting organizations that can always use a little help:
  • Whispering Hope Ranch north of Payson, AZ. They give rescued animals a home and in turn those animals help children with autism, the disabled and elderly. They offer some camps, plus groups visit. Call the volunteer coordinator, at (928) 478-0339 (928) 478-0339.

  • Best Friends Animal Sanctuary just north of Kanab, UT. They have 850 dogs, 650 cats, plus rabbits, snakes, horses and a donkey up for adoption. Animals that can't be placed have a home for life. Volunteers walk and pet dogs, pet cats and many other tasks. (435) 644-2001

Other Web sites:

  • For volunteer tips for one minute or longer visit Charity Guide.

  • Acts of Kindness also has plenty of volunteer ideas.

  • If you want to check the volunteer opportunities in a specific community go to Volunteer Match and enter the zip code for the area you will be visiting.

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