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Attention Writers: Here is an opportunity to put your RV lifestyle to its highest use. Schedule in as many online classes as you have the time for while you travel. Develop your skills and instead of being a writer, become an author.

  Open Colleges

14 Online Classes

Freelance Journalism

Freelance Travel Writing and Photography

Writing & Communications

Professional Writing and Editing

Professional Editing and Proofreading

Creative Writing

Crime, Mystery & Suspense Writing

Non-fiction Writing & Publishing

Professional Children's Writing

Professional Scriptwriting

Romance Writing

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Writing

Short Story Writing

Writing a Best-seller

Free Online Non-Credited Writing Courses

From MIT:

Writing and Reading the Essay
Writing and Reading Short Stories 

From Open University, United Kingdom:

Start Writing Fiction
Writing What You Know

From University of College Falmouth

Introduction to Novel Writing
Writing for Children

From University of Iowa:

Flash Fiction 
How to Find the Short Story Within Your Novel

... many more classes




Writer's Conferences


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