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Actors Guild

Authors Guild — A professional organization for writers, great for keeping up with the changing face of the publishing industry and issues related to copyright protection.


The Catholic Writers Guild — For writers of all kinds who share the Catholic faith.


Cat Writers Association — A community for writers who specialize in cats.


Construction Writers Association — An organization of writers who work in the construction industry.


Dog Writers Association of America —A community for writers who specialize in dogs.


Erotica Readers And Writers — An association of writers and readers of erotic writing. /


International Women’s Writing Guild — An association of women writers developed for networking and offering mutual support.


Military Writers Society Of America— An organization for writers, poets, and artists who focus on military service. Encourages memoir writing, writing as therapy, and education about publishing.


National Association Of Independent Writers And Editors— From the website: This writers association includes “novelists, copywriters and copyeditors, writing coaches, proofreaders, magazine writers, writing teachers, business writers and editors, academic writing evaluators, writers of literature for children, fiction editors and other specialists.”


Pacific Northwest Writers Association — A Northwest writers association “to develop the writing talent through education, accessibility to the publishing industry, and participation in an interactive, vital writer community.”


Small Publishers, Artists, And Writers Network— (SPAWN) An inclusive writers group for independent-minded writers, publishers, printers, and members of the media.


Society of Children’s Book Writers And Illustrators — An association for writers of books for children.


Texas Association Of Authors — The only organization in Texas whose focus is to promote the authors within the great state of Texas itself. Texas Authors leverages the knowledge and expertise of many different authors to help promote others within the world of reading and writing.


Writers Guild Of America West — Two writers organizations (east and west) that represent writers in motion pictures, broadcasting, and other media.

Writers Guild Of America East



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