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One of the more perplexing parts of the writing process comes at the end of our creative efforts. Now we must find an editor and/or proofreader to take a look at our book or article and smooth out the rough edges.

As always, we are in a rush to publish. Spending the time and money to find and employ an editing staff is frustrating but necessary. The public demands a certain level of professionalism If our creative efforts are to be appreciated.

We want our books and articles to sell well and perhaps even win awards.

Included here are websites and contact information to help you find the right combination of talent and wisdom to polish your words until they shine.

Traditional Publisher Search

If you are still interested in finding an Agent to open the doors to a traditional publisher, some tips are provided below. Know that each traditional Agent and Publishing house only accepts a few authors each year.

Since it takes about one year for your book to reach the consumer market after being accepted by a traditional publisher, ensure that your content is not time sensitive.

There should be no up front costs with a publisher. Expect to receive about $.50 per-book royalty after all the publishing costs are deducted. Your cost per book from the publisher for personal use can be high.

After the initial three-week promotional period conducted by the publisher in the bookstores, all promotion is generally done by the author. Unless sales meet a certain criteria, the publisher abandons the book.


Because of this traditional approach to authors, a portal opened for an enormous amount of publishing scams and schemes. It is wise to understand how these work so you do not fall into their trap. Several links are included below to assist you.


New to the Self-Publishing World?

If you are new to self-publishing, know that there are certain processes the book must survive to ensure it sells.

  • Before rushing to publish, you need to hire an independent editor, proofreader, and cover artist (unless you have the necessary DIY skills.)
  • Convert the content file (MS Word, etc.) to ePub (Nook Press) or Mobi (KDP) formats for eBook use. MSWord files are also accepted but the conversion process is performed automatically and not controlled. Experiment if you like, but the already converted files always work out the best.
  • Upload the files to KDP/Nook and publish.
Need Help?
Grammar Girl

Your friendly guide to the world of grammar, punctuation, usage, and fun developments in the English language.



Editorial Freelancers Association

As a publisher or author, you want qualified professionals to work on your manuscript or project. Where else to find them than through the largest and oldest national professional organization of editorial freelancers?

As a freelancer, you owe it to yourself to be a part of that organization, which is dedicated to supporting its membership and your freelance career.

EFA members are editors, writers, indexers, proofreaders, researchers, desktop publishers, translators, and others who offer a broad range of skills and specialties.

The online EFA member directory offers clients free and instant access to the diverse assortment of highly skilled publishing professionals who make up EFA membership.

The free EFA job listing service offers clients another way to find the right freelancer for the job. EFA members receive a customizable listing in the directory and access to the wide variety of project opportunities submitted by clients, along with many other membership benefits.

EFA also provides resources for both freelancers and clients, including a chart of common rates.

  kBoard Yellow Pages - Excellent resource to find all types of editors, proofreaders, copy editors, ghostwriters, cover artists, and professional help for all genres.  
Independent Editors

Mary Moore

Professional writer and editor with expertise in:

• Fiction and nonfiction
• K-12 education, core subjects
• Screenwriting (feature films); video scripts
• eLearning and digital publishing
• Blogs, speech-writing, and technical editing

I provide concise and creative writing and editing on wide-ranging topics: education, medicine, math, language arts, life sciences, social studies, contemporary culture, genre fiction, memoirs, nature studies, travel pieces, and more. I'm familiar with Chicago Manual of Style, AP style, Microsoft Office Suite, content management systems, authoring tools, and other hardware/software. Please contact me for a complete resume.

editor @ ipulpfiction.com

LinkedIn Profile



Types of Editor Assistance Available:

  • Developmental: An examination of the overall structure/plot/characters/pace etc. Helps a writer find plot holes, fill out flat characters, remove unnecessary tangents, and ensure the story arc is complete.
  • Copy-editing: Helps a writer enhance their prose line by line, streamlining sentences and fleshing out the narrative.
  • Proofreading: An examination of grammar and spelling. Helps a writer catch any grammatical or spelling errors. This is the last edit on a manuscript and the first issue noticed by a reader.

Usually the editor's rates are different for each phase.


To Be Listed Here

If you are an editor available for fiction and/or non-fiction assignments, please send an email to Margo @ TheMaxwellGroup.netInclude a short overview of your editing experience and your rates.

  Self-Editing Assistance  

ProWritingAid.com: Your Personal Writing Coach. A grammar guru, style editor, and writing mentor in one package.

Annual online subscription plus extra for plagarism checks. Free trial available.

Is this program perfect? No, sometimes it is looks ridiculous and not at all what you might prefer (that is automation faults). It does, however, check your content for all the obvious and often overlooked errors. Then it guides you to the proper usage based on professional input. It usually takes me 10 passes through a document to find all the errors pointed out by this program.


20% to 50% off this amazing
Personal Writing Coach!

ProWritingAid also has more software integrations than any other editing software, including MS Word, GoogleDocs, Scrivener, Open Office, or Chrome so that you can edit wherever you write.




  • Interactive editing
  • Applet for MS Word, Chrome, Google Docs (runs within the program)
  • No word limit (however one chapter at a time is less confusing)
  • 19 reports including incorrect Grammar use, Repeated words, Long Sentences, Spelling .. more
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Self-Publishing Options

KDP .Nook Press

Once you write the content, regardless of the genre, several options are available to publish the book yourself.

With no up-front costs, Amazon and Barnes & Noble offer an online marketplace to sell your books. Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, makes it very easy to publish for their catalog by filling in an online form. Within this form, upload the content and cover.

If your book successfully uploads, expect to see it for sale within 24 hours. Please read all the information on the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) site so you can meet their requirements for uploading and cover design.

Barnes & Noble, Nook Press, offers a similar online form to publish for their catalog. Again, read all the specifications to ensure your book format is accepted.

If you are a Mac-user, Apple iBooks is also available to upload directly and sell.

For more information, read Choosing to Self-Publish.




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