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RV Resorts And Water

Newport Dunes

When the weather begins to heat up, my imagination starts to conjure up photos of water...beaches, lakes, canals, even ponds seem to grab my attention.

Now is the time to start the engine and head to an RV Resort on the beach or overlooking any body of water. It could be the ocean, a lake, a large pond, or even a river. Something about the summertime and the sun glistening off the water, the call of the loon…it is so relaxing.

It sounds so simple, but really there are very few resorts that actually have RV sites on the beach, riverfront, lakeside or even with a view of the water.

Yes, there are many parks that have “beach,” “lake,” or “river” in their names but are actually located far from the water.

Listed here are a few that I have found and researched to make sure they actually have sites facing the water. Several even let us park right at the sand line.

Some of the parks listed are state or county parks with reasonable rates but with limits on RV size, length of stay, or hookups.

The resorts listed all have waterfront or water view sites. They have great amenities and expensive rates, but it is only for the weekend, or the week, right? We should live a little, tomorrow comes too soon!


Pirates Cove



Beverly beach

Red Coconut

San Carlos

Blue Key

Pensacola Beach

Camp Gulf

Emerald Beach

Avalon Landing


Lake Mead


Sea and Sand






If you have stayed at any park with a view of the water, please send the name and location to
Margo @ TheMaxwellGroup.net.



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