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America's Prettiest Beach Campsites

When making summer beach plans, sometimes all one really wants is an ultra-simple warm-weather escape: sand, water, sun.

Enter: these 11 sublime seaside camping spots, where visitors fall asleep to the sound of the surf and awaken to scenery to rival any five-star hotel.


Even better? Each option has its own scenic bonus, from the snowcapped volcanoes in Alaska to the five species of sea turtles off the shores of Padre Island in Texas.

Top 16 RV Parks Destinations When Money Is No Object

Luxury RV resorts and parks are gaining in popularity. They range from desert oasis to beachfront extravagance. These RV parks are out of this world.

With the number of RV’s flying off of dealer lots, it’s no wonder that luxury RV resorts and parks are gaining in popularity. For many, $100 means a night in an upscale hotel. That’s also the price for overnight RV parking at some of these fancy locations.

Top 10 Road Trip Destinations

Great road trip destinations that have it all are somewhat limited – you often end up with a fairly boring trip if you go somewhere with just a few things to do or that offers a lot of things that only a part of your group can enjoy.


Every one of the road trip destinations listed make this list of winners because they are:

  • One of a kind/truly unique places.

  • Have a lot to offer in the way of activities and sights.

  • Appeal to almost everyone.

National Recreation Area Named One Of Most
Scenic In America

When it comes to outstanding scenery and RV campgrounds, it's hard to beat the views from the RV Village at Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada.

Lake Mead

Editors and consultants of the Good Sam RV Travel Guide and Campground Directory selected the nation’s top eight scenic RV parks. From a database of 8,000 private parks, they looked for parks with landscaping that rivaled the stellar landscapes of surrounding areas.



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