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    September 2016

    Issue #344





  • Campground Courtesy
  • If You Really Like to Camp
  • ​Geography Trivia

Campground Courtesy




Since most of my readers are new to the RV lifestyle, here are a few tips about being a good neighbor. You may think any reasonable person would know how to behave in a campground or RV resort. A campground/resort is still a community like your neighborhood, except maybe the climate is better, or the view is fabulous, or the air is fresher, or mother nature is closer to you.


Yet, a set of circumstances come together to create a fantasy that cuts across our ingrained values about how to behave around strangers. You arrive in your motorhome, trailer, tent trailer, popup or fifth wheel. The doors open to a new environment that is advertised as unbridled fun.


Your parking spot is small and often closer to your neighbor than usual. Cutting across your neighbor's yard at home would be met with severe repercussions, you know that; but here, the line draw is thinner and harder to see.


Often the mental picture of the lifestyle in a campground is fun and mayhem. From the moment the RV door opens, anything goes. But wait, why are our neighbor's chairs sitting on our lawn.  The pool is just over there, but why are all those RVs in the way?


The temptation is clear; just walk straight to the pool. Privacy is cancelled here, right? Everybody is out having fun and all rules are suspended, right? Wrong! Peeping Toms are not tolerated either, so look out for the roving Park Ranger.


How about the kids? Do you have "that talk" with them before the door opens? Get the bicycles out and let them roam, no problem. Stay on the main roads and off all other RV sites, right? Skateboards too? Hoverboards, same? Watch for signs that point to "off limits" areas for wheels. If they cannot read, they should not be without adult supervision...that much you already know.



Keep the dog(s) leased at all times, and clean the poop up after, right? Cats, well those are a little harder, but people seem to tolerate them better than barking dogs. Speaking of barking dogs, please do not bring an animal to the park that misses you so much, they bark constantly while you are out having fun.


You may have noticed when cruising those expensive resorts, rules are everywhere; even taking kids there is a dangerous and expensive adventure. Why? The visitors or members consider this resort their second home.


Campgrounds (not resorts) are a little different in that the visitors or members are more flexible and expect more noise and possible drama from you. Still, yelling at your partner a hundred yards away, and using obscene language does not cut it even here. Personal issues (even after a couple of beers) should be settled elsewhere, just as if you were visiting your in-laws.


The campground/resort environment has changed from years ago when you slept in a tent and cooked over an open fire. RVs of all types fill the normal campground now and different rules apply. People living the RV lifestyle often eat and sleep inside a protected shell and expect the same privacy and respect as if they are in stick-built homes in your neighborhood.


If you are looking for a rowdy place to bring all your friends, load up with solar panels and batteries. Head for the empty desert where there are no rules, but please do not come to a national park, commercial or member campground or resort.  Times are a'changing, please respect that.


However, if you are looking for a safe place to relax and enjoy yourself, come on down. Check with RVParkReviews.com for personal feedback on the park system plus information on rates, the type of accommodations and park activities.


If you want the latest information on what is happening in the RV industry, read my blog, MovingOnWithMargo.com.


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If You Really Love to Camp




If you really love to camp, the SylvanSport GO camping trailer was created especially for you. GO delivers that wonderful experience of tent camping: lightweight, airy materials, the feeling of actually being outside (no hard-sided walls), the sounds and smells that make camping so special.


GO was created to give you an amazing, comfortable camping experience, without the downside: sleeping on uneven ground, rocks, sticks and mud, leaving a damaging footprint on the environment as well as having to carry it all in... and out! GO easily gets you there, up off the ground on a level, comfortable surface. For the best camping experience you will ever have, plus a self-inflating air bed.



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World Geography Trivia

1. Name the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere.
a. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
b. Sierra Nevada, Argentina/Chile
c. Aconcagua, Argentina

Hint: This peak is part of the Andes mountain range.

2. Name the capital of Ukraine.
a. Kiev
b. Riga
c. Kishinev

Hint: There is a chicken dish with the same name.

3. Name the highest waterfall in the world.
a. Espelands, Norway
b. Yosemite, U.S.
c. Angel Falls, Venezuela

Hint: These falls spring from the Auyán-Tepuí Mesa.

4. Name the capital of Northern Ireland.
b. Bucharest
c. Dublin

Hint: The city’s Gaelic form is Béal Feirste.

5. The ancient land of Mesopotamia, encompassing the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, is today part of which country?
a. Iran
b. India
c. Iraq

Hint: Baghdad is the capital.

1. Aconcagua, Argentina. The snowcapped Aconcagua, at 22,835 ft (6,960 m) high, was first scaled in 1897.
2. Kiev. The largest city in Ukraine, the port of Kiev, is located on the Dnieper River and is a leading industrial, commercial, and cultural center.
3. Angel Falls, Venezuela. The Salto Ángel (Angel Falls) plunge 3,212 ft (979 m) in the Guiana Highlands.
4. Belfast. The city of Belfast is located on Belfast Lough, an inlet of the North Channel of the Irish Sea, and at the mouth of the Lagan River.
5. Iraq. Iraq, a triangle of mountains, desert, and fertile river valley, is bounded on the east by Iran, on the north by Turkey, on the west by Syria and Jordan, and on the south by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.




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