October 2018     Issue #369

Convection Oven

In my conversations with women on the road that cook, far too many are anxious about using the convection part of their RV’s microwave/convection unit. Here is a quick list of reasons you should give it a try:

Convection cooking uses conventional electric heat elements plus a fan to circulate the heat evenly (no microwaves). That said, there are some ovens that clearly state both types of cooking heat can be used for the same meal (optional). For example, microwave for defrosting, convection for cooking.

  • Nice even cooking, no hot spots, and the food stays moist inside and crisps up outside.


  •  Typically, convection cooks faster so you may want to reduce your cooking temperatures and time by approximately 20%. Use your oven a few times to learn what works best for you. My convection oven, being only 1100 watts, cooks food in about the same time as my previous house standard electric oven. Higher-wattage convection cooks faster, of course.


  • Convection ovens brown and cook the outside of foods penetrating heat all the way to the center (where as a Microwave nukes food by emitting waves that bounce around causing water molecules to excite and generate heat which in turn “cooks” the food).


  • Because convection ovens use a heating element and not microwaves you can use regular bake ware. But stick to shallow dishes that allow the air to circulate around the food.


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Propane Oven

Older RVs, manufactured prior to 1998, provided only propane stoves as the standard oven choice. You can still choose propane ovens, in addition to or in place of, electric convection/microwave ovens as an optional choice in new rigs. If boondocking is the mainstay of your camping adventures, propane is still your choice.


Here are some observations that may help in your struggle to turn out a gourmet meal in your propane oven:


  • RV ovens are small


  • Temperature is critical, add that oven thermometer


  • Pre-heat fully


  • Use a baking stone to even out the heat


  • Adjust the metal rack placement


  • Rotate the food at the halfway point


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Outdoor Cooking

My latest cooking-gadget find is GoSun’s solar ovens. They range in size from cooking for one to preparing a banquet feed.


The general principle behind GoSun's solar ovens is two sets of parabolic reflectors that focus the Sun's rays onto a tube in the middle.


This tube is vacuum insulated in borosilicate glass, trapping the heat inside to cook meat, veggies or whatever else you stick in there.


The GoSun tech is designed to soak up the rays even on cool or cloudy days.


Plan to start the oven about 2 hours before mealtime.



U.S. Geography Trivia

1. Name the U.S. state that is mostly a peninsula.

a. Florida

b. Hawaii

c. Louisiana

Hint: A peninsula is a portion of land nearly surrounded by water and connected with a larger body of land.


2. Name the 840-acre park that features an Egyptian obelisk, a skating rink, a zoo, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

a. Golden Gate Park

b. Central Park

c. Lincoln Park

Hint: The park is located in Manhattan.


3. Name the longest cave in the world.

a. Lechuguilla Cave, N.M.

b. Altamira Cave, Spain

c. Mammoth Cave, Ky.

Hint: You can get lost underground right here in the United States.


4. Name the state that is made up of islands.

a. Alaska

b. Puerto Rico

c. Hawaii

Hint: The word “state” is important.


5. Name the smallest national park, which measures a mere .02 acres.

a. Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial

b. Acadia

c. Badlands

Hint: The park is located in Pennsylvania.



Florida. The Florida peninsula juts out into the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the west.

Central Park. The city of New York acquired the land for Central Park in 1856, and it took 20 years to create the park.

Mammoth Cave, Ky. The Mammoth Cave system has 345 mi of subterranean passageways.

Hawaii. This 1,523-mile chain of islets and eight main islands became our 50th state on Aug. 21, 1959.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial. Thaddeus Kosciuszko was a Polish patriot and hero of the American Revolution


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