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    October 2016

    Issue #345





  • Time to Downsize
  • Airstream Has Done It Again!
  • Motorcycle or Compact Car Camper
  • Mobile Kitchen: Take it Anywhere
  • ​Geography Trivia

Time To Downsize


The camping options available to Americans in the past led us into the “bigger is better” stage of weekend and vacation vehicles. We want to cook our own food, relax, watch the sunsets, and retire for the night on a comfortable bed. With the rising cost of campground fees and the inability to find a space during the summertime and on holidays, it is time to downsize.  


Whole New World Awaits . . .



Airstream Basecamp

Airstream has done it again. Under 3,000 pounds and designed with big tires for rolling over uneven terrain, this little beauty can go anywhere your SUV can.

Add side and patio tents to expand the living space, pull out the built-in awning, and relax or hit the lake for a swim. The interior space is designed for rugged wear but contains a full size bed for two.


The Basecamp is large enough to fit 2 people sleeping and 5 people lounging. The interior width is 6’ 4.5” and the height measures in at 6’ 3.5”. The camper weighs 2,585 lbs. with a maximum trailer capacity of 3,500 lbs. This leaves 915 lbs. of weight for carrying personal belongings, food and water. It has a 22-gallon fresh water tank and a 29-gallon gray/black combo tank.

Airstream does it again! Another classic design, this time for the younger, active generation. Take off for the weekend in style.

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.
                          ~ John Keats, English Romantic poet (1795-1821)

Motorcycle or Compact Car Camper

Here’s another motorcycle or compact car camper from Bunkhouse Camper Trailers. It’s called the LX Model and weighs in at 350 lbs, plenty light enough for just about any tow vehicle, including a mini van, sport utility vehicle, or small sedan. Of course a larger truck would work well, too.

The starting price for this fiberglass camper is $4,999, which includes the trailer itself, attached tent, tongue stand, king size mattress, awning poles, and a black travel cover with chair pouch, plus a lot more that we didn’t list.



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Mobile Kitchen

If camping on the beach is your favorite thing to do, but the one drawback is not being able cook heartwarming meals. Roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over an open fire only goes so far, then you need a real meal. Packing up just to find a place to eat takes some of the fun out of the trip.

Scout Equipment cooked up this mobile kitchen just for you.



"The kitchen is the heart of the home; we think it's time to make it the heart of your vehicle. With everything you need, right at your fingertips, cooking and cleaning in the outdoors will never be the same again.

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink




The Scout Overland Kitchen is designed to have all the luxuries of a modern kitchen so you feel right at home when cooking in the outdoors. Organized storage keeps your stove, cutting board, and utensils in place so you can easily select the proper tool for the job.


Multiple large work surfaces make preparation, cooking, and cleaning effortless. Running water and a soap dispenser means sanitation and dish cleaning are no longer a challenge when camping.

Setup and Take Down in Seconds, Camp More Work Less


Don't shy away from that complicated recipe you're craving for dinner tonight, let's cook!




World Geography Trivia

1. Name the country that is home to Mount Fuji.
a. Japan
b. Peru
c. North Korea

Hint: The peak rises from the island of Honshu.

2. In Marco Polo’s day, Cipango was the name for Japan, and Cathay was the name for:
a. China
b. Mongolia
c. Turkey

Hint: The Gobi Desert is in this country.

3. If you wanted to visit the Black Forest, name the country you would visit.
a. Russia
b. Austria
c. Germany

Hint: Where the Danube and Rhine rivers (among others) flow.

4. Name the river that flows north.
a. Mississippi
b. Danube
c. Nile

Hint: It empties into the Mediterranean Sea.

5. Name the invisible line at latitude 0° that intersects South America, central Africa, and Indonesia.
a. prime meridian
b. equator
c. longitudinal axis

Hint: This line is everywhere equidistant from the North and South poles.


1. Japan. Also called Fujiyama or Fuji-san, Mount Fuji—the highest mountain in Japan—is a sacred mountain and the traditional goal of pilgrimage.
2. China. The greater part of China is mountainous, with three great river systems: the Yellow, Yangtze, and the Pearl.
3. Germany. Germany’s Black Forest is covered by dark pine forests and cut by deep valleys and small lakes.
4. Nile. The longest river in the world, the Nile flows northward and provides the water for much of the agricultural activity in Egypt and about 20% in Sudan.
5. equator. The equator, which measures c.24,902 mi (40,076 km), forms the baseline from which latitude is determined.




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