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November 24, 2015

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Best Places to Spend Thanksgiving


Cooking in the Wild


Turkey? Cooked In My Oven?


Trivia Quiz

Best Places to Spend Thanksgiving


The Go RVing blog takes us to America's Best Places to Celebrate the Holidays on the Road.


The holiday season is upon us. It is a time for visiting friends and family, dining on delicious seasonal treats, and attending plenty of celebratory festivals. Whether you are headed for a sunny escape or adventuring into a winter wonderland, spending the holidays in an RV will create memories the whole family can treasure for a lifetime.

Wondering where to spend the holiday on wheels? Here are some of America’s greatest places to celebrate.

  • Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Christmas, Florida
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Leavenworth, Washington

Here is more Thanksgiving on the Go!

  • Virginia Thanksgiving Festival, Charles City, Virginia

  • America's Hometown Thanksgiving, Plymouth, Massachusetts


  • Rocking Horse Ranch, Highland, NY
  • Red Apple Farm, Phillipston, Massachuetts
  • Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virginia

All of these places share the same holiday greetings: good food, smiling people, and beautiful scenery.


Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs!

 Cooking in the Wild

If you are on the road in a Roadtrek, or similar Class B+, during the holidays, cooking a Thanksgiving meal takes on a different dimension. Great for the outdoor family, it is rough on those of us that expect a gourmet spread.


For most RVers that love to boondock, this is what they live for on holidays. Get out there with nature and cook over an open fire. If this is your first time, follow the directions here and turkey with all the trimmings are yours to enjoy.

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 – Dental Implants - What to Expect
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 – Glossary of Medical Terminology





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Turkey? Cooked In My Oven?

Thanksgiving Dinner in Your Small Oven, Oh yeah!

Check out this blog for great tips for cooking in a small oven.


"If you are cooking in your RV this season, do not let a small kitchen get in the way of having a spread that impresses even the in-laws!"

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner in a small area, like an RV kitchen, is challenging; although, not as challenging as the Pilgrim’s first Thanksgiving. They did not have any ovens!"

Some creative ideas here, but the most helpful tip for me was "cut the turkey in half." This is not as easy as it sounds, although it is mentioned here that the friendly butcher in the meat department at the market performs this chore.


See Margo’s blog, Moving On With Margo.com, for more tips, tools, and strategies to help you explore the RV lifestyle and get started. Her website, RV Lifestyle Experts.com, has articles on all phases of the RV lifestyle. Start with "Road Map to RVing".


Geography Trivia

1. This feat of nature is 277 miles long and one mile deep, and was formed by the erosion of the Colorado River. Name it.
            a. Royal Gorge
            b. Red Rock Canyon
            c. Grand Canyon
Hint: This gorge is in Arizona.

2. Name the only Great Lake that lies entirely within the U.S. borders.
            a. Superior
            b. Michigan
            c. Erie
Hint: This lake is bordered by Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

3. Name the state that is second in mean elevation to Colorado.
            a. Wyoming
            b. Montana
            c. Utah
Hint: This state is home to Yellowstone National Park.

4. Which official territory of the United States is located about 1,000 mi east-southeast of Miami, Fla.?
            a. Bermuda
            b. Haiti
            c. Puerto Rico
Hint: The capital of this place is San Juan

1. Grand Canyon. Using uranium-lead dating in 2008, geologists found that the Grand Canyon is at least 16 million years old.
2. Michigan. The third largest Great Lake, Michigan was discovered in 1634 by the French explorer Jean Nicolet.
3. Wyoming. Rectangular in shape, Wyoming is traversed by the Rocky Mountains, which angle south across the state from the northwest.
4. Puerto Rico. Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the U.S. during the Spanish-American War of 1898.




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