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  • Working On The Road
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Working On the Road

A frequently requested topic is information about finding a job to support the RV lifestyle on the road.



The New Year is approaching and if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to find work while traveling the seasons, you are in luck. There are so many job openings you are sure to find one that fits your skills and personality. Your particular age and lifestyle may define the type of job you seek.

Retired Travelers With Some Financial Resources

RV Parks, Campgrounds and Resorts

For the Winter season, start applying for a position in March; October for the Summer season. There are fewer opportunities for summer employment in cooler climes, so keep this in mind. If working in higher altitudes is not an issue, then more jobs are available. You are also competing against high school and college students for those same summer jobs.


As a result, working RVers often find a winter job and travel the summer months. If you stay in one destination for the summer, check with management for possible trade situations. If you have mechanical and maintenance experience, the chances are good there is a job for you.


One of the first things to do is prepare a resumé. This is a simple document that states your name and contact information. Underneath the contact information, place a SUBJECT line that states your job preference, for example, Maintenance, Landscaping or Office.


Under this, in a paragraph or two, state your skills. Listing your previous jobs and their descriptions is one way to go. It is easier to just list the number of years experience with each tool, occupation or software program.


By the way, if you are computer literate and want to work in a campground office, the primary RV park guest registration software programs are available to download to your computer for practice. (CampgroundMaster, CampgroundManager, DigiRez)


Keep in mind that RV park management is not looking for experts with years of experience. They are looking for an outgoing personality that likes interacting with their guests, and displays some skill. If you are dependable, behave properly during off-hours, and complete your assignments, you are asked back for another season.


Most RVers in this lifestyle are not primarily looking at financial rewards but seek an interesting and rewarding daily experience. Consider the income tax ramifications before choosing your first job. It may be more practical to simply trade a few hours of labor each week for an RV site with full hookups including utilities.


If working as a couple, 24 hours a week split between you (12 hours each) may seem like a good trade, but a solo traveler would not. The best deals are 14-20 hours a week with utilities included in a full-hookup RV site.


Some RV parks prefer to make you a temporary employee and pay for all hours worked. The RV site is then discounted but you pay the utilities. This arrangement works for some and may be the best deal for a solo traveler.


Send your resume via email to the RV park or campground of your choice. Call first and find out the name and email address of the manager (or person responsible for hiring). They may not have an opening at the time, but could contact you later.


Another option is joining Workamper.com. The annual membership is $47. There is an introductory free membership to give you exposure to the group and find out if it is what you need. With the paid version, daily emails alert you to current job openings in the snowbird section of the country, California, Texas, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and Nevada. Summer jobs are posted in Oregon, Washington, and the Dakotas, plus other states with cooler climes.


Large commercial campground chains, like KOA, have their own website and application requirements. Annual fee: $35 www.workatkoa.com/

Pre-Retirement Travelers

This information really applies to all RVers that are still strong and healthy. Normally by the age of 70, most RVers are not looking for labor-intensive jobs, but there are certainly exceptions. The more labor or skill involved, the higher the hourly wage.

Warehouse Associate

Amazon Inc. has several warehouses around the country. Their Christmas season employment is very popular among RVers. Amazon provides a full-hookup RV park for their season that lasts about three to four months in the Oct-January timeframe. The hourly pay averages $12.88 per hour plus overtime (enforced). It is 10-hour days and labor-intensive picking and packing Amazon fulfillment products.



Camping World (now owned by Good Sam) hires full-time RVers and allows them to follow the sun, working in locations coast-to-coast. Most jobs are sales associates working inside their many store locations. CampingWorldGoodSamJobs.com/

Christmas Trees and Pumpkin Patches

Several areas in the USA look for seasonal employees with RVs to setup patches and service customers. The pay is good, the hours long, but it is outdoors and can be fun.

Create Your Own Business

Many RVers traveling full-time create their own business to make money on the road. I have done this three times in my twenty years on the road. Build your skills that can benefit those living the RV lifestyle.


One option that has opened up in the last two years, and provides a very healthy income for working RVers is inspecting new and used RVs. When National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association (NRVIA) opened its doors to train and certify RV inspectors, a whole new and lucrative business developed.


NRVIACandidates attend an NRVIA approved training program that provides them with the knowledge base they need to test and gain their credentials along with the know how to develop an RV Inspection business.


You can still travel and enjoy the lifestyle. The NRVIA.com website contains a search engine that customers use to find an inspector. Keep NRVIA informed of your location, and when customers in your area need an inspector, they call you. Read this post by a working inspector and get the details.



Wherever you roam, there is a job there for you.   S



“I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” - Thomas Jefferson, American lawyer and Founding Father



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World Geography Trivia

1.  Name the home of the only ancient wonder still standing.
a. Giza
b. Babylon
c. Olympia

Hint: These structures were built to house a monarch’s mummified body.


2. Portuguese is the main language of which of the following countries?
a. Laos
b. Brazil
c. Honduras

Hint: This country is the home of the Amazon River.


3. Name the place that includes all the water and land between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.
a. Tropics
b. Southern Hemisphere
c. Equator

Hint: This area is also called the torrid zone.


4. Name the volcanic island off the coast of Iceland that was born in 1963.
a. Surrey
b. Surtsey
c. Sierra

Hint: This name rhymes with the word describing what you would do if you met the queen of England.


5. Two hundred million years ago most of the Earth’s land was one huge continent named:
a. Panthalassa
b. Pandora
c. Pangaea

Hint: This word means “all lands.”



1. Giza. The only ancient wonder that still stands, the Pyramids of Egypt consist of three pyramids at Giza, located outside modern Cairo.
2. Brazil. Brazil covers nearly half of South America and is the continent's largest nation.
3. tropics. The tropics experience at least one day per year in which the Sun passes directly overhead.
4. Surtsey. The island was formed by the November 1963 eruption of Sutur, an underwater volcano.
5. Pangaea. Through the centuries, continental drift has broken Pangaea up into the continents we know today.



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