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  • De-Winterize
  • Folding Kayaks
  • Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Stove
  • Google GMail Alert
  • How to Save Money

Spring is Here!


What a cold winter season. How exciting it is to be finally focusing on our spring and summer travel plans. So, let’s get cracking!

De-winterizing Checklist

Rich “The Wanderman” has updated his very thorough annual checklist: “How to go from winter’s slumber to spring’s reawakening and perform a yearly safety check.” And there are numerous links throughout to fully describe a lot of the steps.


Folding Kayaks


California's Oru Kayak has found great success with its origami-inspired approach to boatbuilding, The redesigned Coast XT is its flagship model for 2018, and continues the company's evolution by incorporating new bells and whistles that promise faster setup and better stability.


As the largest kayak in Oru's range, the 16 ft (4.8 m) Coast XT is a sea tourer inspired by the type of durable kayaks built to explore the icy Arctic waters. Like its smaller siblings the Beach LT and Bay ST, it comes packed into a box but can be unfolded into a kayak that is ready to roll in just a few minutes.


Oru says it has shaved a few moments off this setup time thanks to what it calls zipper channels. These replace the release buckles that secured the sides of the earlier model, and basically allow the center seam to be easily slid into place.

This quick video shows how it works. The company has also tweaked the folding pattern, which it says rids the kayak of an internal structure and creates more space inside.

This makes it easier for users to slide in and out of. It has also redesigned the thigh braces, which it says are now easier to adjust and should make for improved stability, meaning better comfort on longer journeys.


This six-pound kayak ($525) is built with a collapsible carbon frame and a ripstop waterproof nylon skin, allowing it to pack down to the size of a yoga mat. Users can easily haul it on a bike or carry it onto a plane.


Touring kayaks may offer a fantastic means of exploring your local waterways, but owners generally require things like a roof rack on their car, a large storage area, and a willingness to lug the boat around when on land. The Justin Case Kayak weighs only 5.7 lb (2.6 kg), and packs down into a shoulder bag when not in use.


If you love being outdoors, but kayaking has always seemed off-limits due to the money and transportation required to own one. "I wanted something that was more aligned with the millennial lifestyle – something portable, greener, smaller, more accessible. The initial frustration eventually evolved into a kayak I could throw in the back seat and bring with me on longer hikes."


The kayak's frame is made of a collection of carbon fiber poles, the ends of which the user inserts into a series of 3D-printed connectors. It is not unlike a giant version of Tinkertoys.


When disassembled and stuffed in its pack, the kayak measures no more than 40 inches long by 6 inches wide (102 x 15 cm). This means that it can be stored in a closet, transported on a plane, or taken on a hike.

Aquaforno - Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Stove


It is portable and also space saving due to its unique telescopic design. Whether you are at a camp site, on the beach, on a hunting expedition or in the backyard, the Aquaforno II can go where you go and cater for all your outdoor needs.


We realized that enjoying outdoor life can be through a multitude of activities or quite simply with delicious food and warmth: RVers; Camping/Glamping; Tailgaters; Scouts & Guides; Hunting; Fishing; Prepping; Survivalists; Overland expeditions; Surfers; Foodies; and Gadget Lovers.


Feed many or just a few. The stove cooks an amazing variety of foods. You can cook almost anything with charcoal or wood for that great rustic-tasting flavor. From restaurant quality pizzas to pies, classic grilled meat, roast dinners, and baked potatoes. With the additional gas burner option, this unit can go anywhere. For small groups, use it as a safe fire pit.

Google GMail ALERT


With an eye on business users, Google is adding a "confidential mode" to Gmail that lets you restrict how an email can be forwarded, copied, downloaded, or printed. Set an expiry date for messages sent in confidential mode, and put an unlock code on top of emails too for extra security.


Set Mobile notifications that only show up for high-priority emails, security warnings that get displayed more prominently, and prompts to unsubscribe from newsletters you never open.


Some of these features, like eMail Snoozing and Smart Replies, have previously been available in Google's other email service for the web and mobile, Inbox by Gmail.


For the time being at least, it looks as though Google is keeping Inbox around as a testing ground for ideas that may or may not eventually get rolled into the mainstream version of Gmail.


Summary: If you need to keep a GMail message because the content is important, "do not delay in saving it" as a PDF file or copy/paste it to a text file. It may be set to disappear soon after delivery.

International Trivia Questions


1> In which lake would you find Manatoulin Island?

a. Lake Titicaca

b. Lake Huron

c. Lake Victoria

d. The Dead Sea


2> Which country owns Holy Island?

a. Brazil

b. Wales

c. Bermuda

d. Iran


3> In which country is the mouth of the Euphrates River found?

a. Turkey

b. Laos

c. Iraq

d. South Africa


4> Which country owns Lofoten?

a. Norway

b. Malaysia

c. Columbia

d. Russia


5> The White Sea is located off the coast of which country?

a. Russia

b. Argentina

c. Ecuador

d. Canada



1> Lake Huron - Manatoulin is the largest lake island in the world.

2> Wales - This island is also known as Holy Head Island.

3> Iraq - The Euphrates River starts in Turkey.

4> Norway - Lofoten is an archipelago.

5> Russia - The White Sea is an inlet of the Barents Sea.



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