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June 2017  Issue #353

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New Design in Kayaks
Charge Phone with Wind
RV Tow Check App

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 American States Trivia

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by Margo Armstrong


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Summer Fun Ideas 

New Design in Kayaks

The HYPAR is made from pre-folded sheets of a honeycomb-structured corrugated polypropylene, which can reportedly stand up to at least 20,000 folding cycles without leaking.



It can be carried (via included straps) like a backpack when in transit, and folds out into seaworthy form within a claimed three minutes.



The boat weighs approximately 8 kg (18 lb.). Although the boat is being promoted primarily as a kayak, it can also be reconfigured as a rowboat or sailboat, plus it can be paddled like a canoe.

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Folding Turbine to Charge Phone?


The idea for the Micro Wind Turbine came about in March this year as a result of the inventor, product designer Nils Ferber, finding that his smartphone would routinely lose charge on long treks.


Portable turbines are an alternative to solar power and Ferber has created one he says is more portable and effective.


He turned to a number of mountaineers, climbers, film-makers and expedition leaders for advice and found that solar chargers were the overwhelmingly popular solution, but that their sunlight dependency was considered a serious shortcoming.





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Considering a Fifth Wheel?


“The new RV Tow Check app (iOS version) is exceptionally better than the web-based app that required internet access to use,” said Gray. “It is the only app of its kind that provides realistic vehicle towing capacity for conventional and fifth wheel trailers simultaneously.”


The app provides users an interactive feature that allows them to select various pin or tongue weight percentages and view instant maximum towing capacity results.

It is a dedicated “before you buy an RV” tool that helps buyers and dealers to discover a tow vehicle’s realistic towing capacity. 

“I hope to follow-up with providing the Android version of RV Tow Check in two to three months,” Gray said.

This app is available at the Apple App Store.


Connect to Private Campsites

Using the Tentrr App



Tentrr, a free iPhone app, takes the guesswork out of camping. With an Uber-like system design, the app lets users find and instantly book fully private campsites in vetted, bucolic settings, all within a few hours’ drive of major cities.


The campsites themselves are all custom-designed by D’Agostino (the app’s creator) and follow a standardized footprint: Hand-sewn canvas expedition tents from Colorado, set on an elevated deck with Adirondack chairs.


You are also guaranteed to find Brazilian wood picnic tables and sun showers strewn around the campsites, as well as portable camping toilets, fire pits, cookware, and grills.


As for the sleeping arrangements? Air mattresses with featherbed toppers, not sleeping bags, are the name of the game.

Does this sound like a great change of pace or what?

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American States Trivia


1. When did Walter Washington take office as the first mayor of the District of Columbia?
a. January 2, 1975
b. January 2, 1945
c. January 2, 1965
d. January 2, 1955

2. Which is the fourth-largest (in land size) state in the U.S.?
a. Idaho
b. Montana
c. California
d. Washington

3. Extending into Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park is located primarily in which state?
a. Oregon
b. Washington
c. Wyoming
d. South Dakota

4. Which state imposed the first state sales tax on May 3, 1921?
a. Virginia
b. New York
c. Connecticut
d. West Virginia

5. The Rocky Mountains were discovered in 1739 by which explorers?
a. Lewis and Martin
b. Cook and Magellan
c. Lewis and Clark
d. Pierre and Paul Mallet


1. January 2, 1975 - He served from January 2, 1975 to January 2, 1979.
2. Montana - Alaska is the largest state in total area.
3.Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park was established on March 1, 1872.
4. West Virginia - The tax went into effect on July 1 of 1921.
5. Pierre and Paul Mallet - Pierre and Paul were born in Montreal, Canada.