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July 10, 2015
No. 324
Buying that First RV; running away from home to follow the sun; frugal RVing; working on the road.

A note from Margo: Festivals & RV-Related Events
RV Lifestyle:  Easy Potluck Dish
RVing Nugget: Traveling Light to the Rallies
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1. A Note From Margo: Festivals & RV-Related Events
This is the time of year to attend all those wonderful events that extend into the Fall season. When you join the RV lifestyle, something is always happening. Turn the key and attend the events that call to you.
August 7 - 9     "Guitars Under the Stars" Music Festival
Cheadle Lake Park, Lebanon, OR

August 9 - 16     FROG (Forest River Owners' Group)
International Rally, Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, IN
September 11 - 13     Carlisle Sports and Outdoor Show
Carlisle Fairgrounds Carlisle, Pennsylvania
September 16 - 20     America's Largest RV Show
Giant Center, Hershey, PA

September 25-27 Indianapolis Fall Boat & RV Show
Indiana State Fairgrounds, Indianapolis, IN
September 29 - Oct 3     FMCA Rocky Mountain Area Rally
San Juan County Fairground, Farmington, New Mexico
October 1 - 4     Arizona State Fall Rally
Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort

Casa Grande, Arizona
October 7 - 11     FMCA South Central Six-State Area Rally
Lone Star Expo Center, Conroe, Texas
October 7 - 11     Liberty Coach New Orleans Rally
French Quarter RV Resort, New Orleans, LA

»> For More Rallies and Events, click HERE.

Good Sam Rallies:
August 7 - 9     Vermont State Samboree
Tunbridge Fairgrounds, Tunbridge, Vermont
September 4 - 7     Illinois State Samboree
Marshall-Putnam County Fairgrounds, Henry, Illinois
September 9 - 13     New Mexico State Samboree
Enchanted Trails RV Resort, Albuquerque, New Mexico
October 1 - 4     Kentucky Fall State Samboree
Madison County Fairgrounds, Richmond, Kentucky
October 1 - 4     South Carolina State Fall Samboree
Ocean Lakes Family Campground, Myrtle Beach, SC
Find out if the RV lifestyle is right for you. If you have questions, The RV Lifestyle: A Dream Come True; an ebook that contains the answers.

– Buying That Dream RV - Things to Consider
– Equipping an RV and Tips on Maintenance
– Managing Power, AC and DC
– Emergency Road Service
– Towing Your Auto
– Planning Trips - How To Get The Most For Your Money
– Boondocking (Primitive Parking)
– Earning an Income on the Road

– Staying In Touch with Family and Friends


2. RV Lifestyle: Easy Potluck Dish for the Rally Get-together

3 pounds potatoes   
2 cups mayonnaise
1 (1.25-ounce) package taco seasoning mix
1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
1/2 cup sliced scallions (green onions)
1 (2.25-ounce) can sliced black olives, drained
1 cup coarsely crushed ranch-flavored tortilla chips

Cut cooled potatoes into chunks and place in a large bowl. Add mayonnaise mixture and remaining ingredients to potatoes and mix until thoroughly combined. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

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Margo's eBook, "Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers" is available at all major eBookstores. It covers all the basic systems: air conditioning, awning, generator, hot water heater, hydraulic levelers, inverter/converter, roof, sewer, tires, and much more. Driving and weight
balance tips are included.


  3. RVing Nugget: Traveling Light to the Rallies


This innovative bottle may be the ultimate travel multitasker. The one-liter, TritanTM, BPA-free plastic bottle is perfect for carrying water, but its wide mouth also makes it an excellent water-tight container for your valuables, and the volume scale printed on the side makes it handy for mixing.

The real twist is in the lid: sealed inside the cap are four super-bright LEDs and one red LED (for night vision), along with a reflective lens that turns your plastic bottle into a brilliant camp light.

It's powered by a small, high efficiency FastSolarTM panel, so there are no batteries needed - ever! Features adjustable wrist or bag strap.

Check it out HERE.


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:
Margo Armstrong is an RV lifestyle expert full-timing on the road for more than 18 years. She specializes in making the RV lifestyle seem friendly, interesting, adventurous, and safe, all at the same time. She is the author of 18 eBooks (9 about the RV lifestyle). She also maintains a weekly blog and two websites. Her writing workshops pop up wherever she stops along the road.  
Find out more about her ventures at her blog, MovingOnWithMargo.com, and her website, TheMaxwellGroup.net, that showcases her ebook collections.
Visit RVLifestyleExperts.com for information on everything about this great lifestyle.
4. RV fun, resources and news
Rally Ho! The Travel Trivia Game For Rvers

This unique board game celebrates the RV lifestyle. Players “travel to the rally.” The first person (or team) there wins!

Supposedly, the more you know about America, travel, and the RV lifestyle, the faster you reach the rally site and win the game. Just like real life, there are lots of unexpected delays and hazards you encounter along the way.

For more information, click HERE.

RV Lifestyle Trivia
True or False

1. RV design and size have not changed much since recreational vehicles were first manufactured in 1910.

2. Today’s RV camping clubs can trace their start to the Tin Can Tourists of the 1920s and 30s. The original RVers camped on roadsides, used gas stoves to heat food in tin cans, and bathed in cold water.

3. The Good Sam Club had its start 44 years ago in 1966.

4. With its one million-strong membership, the Good Sam Club is the most extensive RV community in the world.

5. Trailer Life Directory’s ‘RV Trouble-Shooting Tools’ checklist includes all of the following, plus several other essential tools: hammer, common sizes of screwdrivers, flashlight, jumper cables, electrical circuit checker, extra fuses and light bulbs.

6. The preferred list of traditional ingredients for perfect s’mores includes toasted/roasted marshmallows, crispy graham crackers and homemade grape jelly.

7. A recent survey by Harris Interactive identified the primary factors affecting RV purchase decisions. Potential RV buyers cited ‘family togetherness’ and ‘cost savings’ as equally important considerations.

8. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) February 2010 survey of RV manufacturers revealed a positive trend. The number of new RVs shipped from manufacturers to dealers during the month of February was 95% higher than the number of new units shipped in February, 2009.

9. The Recreational Vehicle/Motorhome Hall of Fame is located in Urbana, Illinois

10. June 7, 2010 is the official date of the RV industry’s ‘Centennial Celebration,’ commemorating 100 years of RV travel.

See how many True/False answers you have correct at the Good Sam website.



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