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    January 2017

    Issue #348





  • Tiny Homes With Slide Outs
  • Li-ion Battery - Longer Life More Power
  • Super Inverter
  • American States Trivia

The year 2017 brought with it some upgrades to the RV Lifestyle. From tiny homes with slide outs to improved battery capacity and longer life, these products move us closer to the ability to live our lifestyle completely outside the contraints of brick and mortar.

Tiny Home With Slides

From the RV Daily Report comes this notice of tiny homes with slideouts finally making it to market. Most Tiny Home fans have been waiting for this announcement to start planning their purchases. Some very innovative touches bring the tiny home market into direct competition with manufactured recreational vehicles.

As the tiny home movement continues to build a full head of steam popularity-wise, savvy architects the world over remain steadfast in their efforts to innovate the industry. Take a look at this particularly inventive take on expandable tiny homes that not only seems to push the tiny home business forward but the RV market as well. Designed and built by a company named Tiny Idahomes.

To maintain its quality, the company incorporated built-in gutters, triple-seal insulation, a sleek metal rooftop, and board and batten siding. While propane powers the home’s oven, owners of this rolling house could make use of solar panels fixed to the roof instead of relying on the two 12V batteries for electric use. Furthermore, four tanks stay with the unit at all times, providing fresh water or convenient storage for waste. RVIA certified total dry weight is 13,200 lbs.

The Carpathian Model shown here has a front living room/ bedroom - with a Murphy bed in one of the slide outs, middle kitchen, full size middle bathroom and rear bedroom; L shape loft over the rear bedroom and bathroom. The loft has a recessed queen size bed to offer more head room. This model easily sleeps 8 people.

This rig boasts all the aesthetic qualities of a tiny home—miniature awnings, small living spaces, etc.—but functions like a recreational vehicle. That is, it expands and shrinks part of its quarters with the simple push of a button—a literal house on wheels.

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book,
waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals."
- Melody Beattie, American author

Battery with Advanced Lithium Tehnology

The Volta Power Systems energy storage system contains automotive grade Li-Ion technology. The system has been tested to strict automotive OEM requirements for performance and safety, which means it has been tested in crash testing, thermal, and shock.  The technology uses mixed metal oxide materials for outstanding performance in high energy use applications like RVs.


Volta’s energy system has 14 unique layers of safety built in. The steel housing protects the system from the external environment, and protects the battery by preventing a continued supply of oxygen in the case of an accident. The advanced electronics monitor each cell for performance and can react to the slightest changes.

The system has been tested to strict automotive OEM requirements for performance and safety, which means it has been tested in crash testing, thermal, and shock. The technology uses mixed metal oxide materials for outstanding performance in high-use energy applications like RV travel.

With a 4-hour charge time and light weight, this advanced technology is due to start appearing in new high-end RVs right now. Ask for it!


Xantrex X Sine Wave Inverter for RVs

Xantrex, at the November 2016 National RV Tradeshow, unvieled the Freedom X inverter. Specifically engineered to operate a residential AC refrigerator in recreational vehicles, this is a timely innovative product for the RV community. With 1,200 watts of continuous sine wave power, the Freedom X runs a full-size residential refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, blender, or small space heater.

The latest press release described the design of Freedom X. While inspired by the recent demand for AC-powered appliances in RVs, this product is unique because the features have been optimized based on feedback from RV manufacturers.

The Freedom X minimizes installation time while delivering performance and quality that can be relied on. The easily accessible, quick-connect AC input and output terminals make Freedom X installation a breeze. A key enhancement on the Freedom X is the improved robustness against accidental reverse polarity damage.

Housed in a heavy-duty, industrial metal casing, the extended surge rating of the Freedom X enables it to effortlessly start compressors and other demanding motor loads.

Look for this innovative inverter/charger to appear in RV supply stores and maybe even Best Buy, soon.

Watch this Youtube video for more information.


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American States Trivia

1. With an average rainfall of 9.5 inches per year, which state is the driest state in the U.S.?
a. Arizona
b. Utah
c. Nevada
d. Wyoming

2. Crowned in Atlantic City in 1994, from what state was Heather Whitestone, the first deaf "Miss America"?
a. Mississippi
b. Alabama
c. Georgia
d. Tennessee

3. Which state is also known as the "Old Line State" or the "Free State"?
a. New Hampshire
b. Pennsylvania
c. Maryland
d. New York

4. Chances are that you know that the capital of Montana is Helena, but do you know what Montana's largest city is?
a. Missoula
b. Great Falls
c. Billings
d. Helena

5. Before the American Civil War, how many Southern states declared their secession and formed the Confederate States of America?
a. Seven
b. Nine
c. Eight
d. Six

1> Nevada - The driest time of the year for most of the dry states is winter.
2> Alabama - Heather lost her hearing when she was 18 months old.
3> Maryland - Maryland is also known as the Chesapeake Bay State.
4> Billings - Billings has a population of about 165,361.
5> Seven - The Civil War lasted 4 years, 3 weeks and 6 days.




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