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    February 2017

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  • Mobile Travel Apps That Organize
  • Mobile App for Traveling with Pets
  • RV Driving in the East: Tolls, EZ Pass and Low Clearances
  • American States Trivia

To bring your attention to the amount of information you allow these mobile cellphone apps to share with the world (and global advertisers), each review details the information accessed. Their agenda for collecting this information is obvious in some instances, and confusing in others.


This clever android app allows you to create to-do lists, make annotations to Google maps, attach file for sharing, and, if upgraded, many other features. Free to download.

For security, keep this in mind: Evernote has access to:

  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Microphone - this is the important caution, turn this off in your Android phone setting unless you want someone listening to your everyday conversations without your knowledge.
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Additional services, email, cloud services, and more...add a monthly charge.

Evernote insists on keeping you connected to all other apps. If you are a private person, and choose to keep it that way, this app is not for you.

To-Do List by SplendDo

This little program is very simple to use. The first screen after downloading is the Quick Task field. Enter the task, press the check mark, it goes on the list. Click the + button and enter more information about the task, set the date for notifications and repeat, if desired.

To-Do List needs access to:

  • In-app purchases
  • Identity
  • Microphone
  • Search function

Remove the ads for a one-time fee. The ability to turn off  the microphone inside this app is a nice feature. Sync this app with Google, if desired.


Need a dedicated travel app to keep track of all your trip details?  TripCase lists all your itineraries, bookings (hotel and car reservations), and gate information. TripCase also alerts you if there is a change in your flight. Share your trip with others and TripCase keeps your colleagues, friends, or family updated as well.

In order to use this app, you must create an account with Tripcase, or use your Google or Facebook account. Tripcase also requires you to grant Google the right to use the information collected.

Tripcase requires access to:

  • In-App Purchases
  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Camera
  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Bluetooth connection information
  • The "Other" section is a little strange. It uses these for some purpose: com.sec.android.provider.badge.permission.WRITE

On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.
                                                                                - Thomas Jefferson

BarkHappy - A Travel With Pets App

BarkHappy is a nationwide location-based app to help you discover the dog friendly world around you! New blog/news feed added with daily articles from the top sources on the web.

  • Create a profile for your dog and see others near you. Send wags, messages, or invite others for a play date.
  • Find and add dog friendly places on the map; restaurants, parks, hotels, bars, and more.
  • Attend dog friendly events or create your own.
  • Report lost & found dogs and alert other users with dog photos, details and contact information.

To use this app, create a new account or connect with Facebook. [BarkHappy has access to your Facebook public profile, friend list, email address and photos. But...you can set it to receive only the public profile. This is good news, as most apps that share information do not allow changes to the access list.]

BarkHappy requires access to:

  • In-App Puchases
  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Device ID & Call Information: Allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a call is active, and the remote number connected by a call.



Need to share you location with colleagues or friend to let them know you’re on your way? What if you want an ETA for a person in your party who’s running late? Or, if you’ve been separated from your group?

Glympse has got you covered. You can decide who to send a Glympse to and set an expiration on how long they can see where
you are.

Select who you want to see your location, when and for how long.

Glympse requires access to:

  • Personal location data for 48 hours after which it is anonymized for future aggregate use (in other words, forever)
  • Identity
  • Personal information including demographic information such as date of birth, gender, geographic area and preferences when such information is linked to other personal information that identifies you.
  • Glympse has certified that it adheres to the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles of notice, choice, onward transfer, security, data integrity, access, and enforcement.

If you’re a frequent traveler, Expensify comes in handy. This app can help you manage your expense reports easily by capturing receipts. Simply take a picture of your receipts and the app’s SmartScan feature automatically creates an expense for you. For personal use, the app is free. A monthly charge applies if using for business.

Expensify also lets you track your time and mileage (use your phone’s GPS or take a picture of your odometer) and provides currency support.

  • 10 free SmartScans per month
  • Free mobile app
  • Unlimited receipt storage
  • Email and chat support
  • Expensify requires access to:
  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Location


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RV Driving in the East:

Tolls, EZ Pass and Low Clearances

If you are planning to spend time in the eastern side of the USA, there are toll roads, low bridges, and traffic that can keep the voyage from running smoothly.

There are a couple of phone apps that can help, according to the WheelingIt blog. Another reward from this blog is information on how to get an EZ Pass.

As you probably know, this little electronic transponder sends a message to the toll road controller that automatically deducts the fee. This eliminates the time spent stopping and searching for cash or credit card, then waiting while the transaction takes place. Another plus is the Pass allows you to pay from any lane.

This pass allows you to travel in fifteen different states with nary a hitch: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.

For those of us that travel primarily in the western states, a trip east can be confusing and distracting, if not downright dangerous in an RV. The hard research is already done for you on this blog, just absorb it and use it.

For the rest of the story...

American States Trivia

1. When did Walter Washington take office as the first mayor of the District of Columbia?

a. January 2, 1975

b. January 2, 1945

c. January 2, 1965

d. January 2, 1955

2. Which is the fourth-largest (in land size) state in the U.S.?

a. Idaho

b. Montana

c. California

d. Washington

3. Extending into Montana and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park is located primarily in which state?

a. Oregon

b. Washington

c. Wyoming

d. South Dakota

4. Which state imposed the first state sales tax on May 3, 1921?

a. Virginia

b. New York

c. Connecticut

d. West Virginia

5. The Rocky Mountains were discovered in 1739 by which explorers?

a. Lewis and Martin

b. Cook and Magellan

c. Lewis and Clark

d. Pierre and Paul Mallet


1> January 2, 1975 - He served from January 2, 1975 to January 2, 1979.

2> Montana - Alaska is the largest state in total area.

3> Wyoming - Yellowstone National Park was established on March 1, 1872.

4> West Virginia - The tax went into effect on July 1 of 1921.

5> Pierre and Paul Mallet - Pierre and Paul were born in Montreal, Canada.




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