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February 10, 2014
No. 314
Buying that First RV; running away from home to follow the sun; frugal RVing; working on the road.

1. A Note From Margo

Romance Is Right Around the Corner

The crackling campfire, the stars twinkling overhead, and your best friend cuddled up at your side -- there's no question that camping and romance go hand-in-hand.

Whether you're newlyweds or have been married for decades, your next camping trip can be the most romantic get-away of
your life. All it takes is a little thoughtful planning and the right attitude.


Find out if the RV lifestyle is right for you. If you have questions, The RV Lifestyle: A Dream Come True; an ebook that contains the answers.

– Buying That Dream RV - Things to Consider
– Equipping an RV and Tips on Maintenance
– Managing Power, AC and DC
– Emergency Road Service
– Towing Your Auto
– Planning Trips - How To Get The Most For Your Money
– Boondocking (Primitive Parking)
– Earning an Income on the Road

– Staying In Touch with Family and Friends


2. RV Lifestyle: Plan a Romantic RV Getaway For Your Valentine
You own an RV, so you’re ahead of the game! No need to book an expensive hotel, or worry about a fancy dinner reservation when you can simply plan a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway in your own RV.

Do you love the beach? Hiking? Visiting craft breweries or wineries? Whatever it is that you love to do together, you can plan the perfect romantic getaway and show your partner how much you care without breaking the bank.

So whether you want to snuggle up by a campfire with a glass of wine, watch a beautiful sunrise together, enjoy a candlelit dinner for two, walk hand in hand and just talk awhile… Just remember it’s all about taking a little time
to connect.

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Something Different -- Unique, Romantic, RV Rental Vacation Getaways for Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day try something different, unique, and romantic. Take that special someone on a horseback ride on the beach, visit a romantic historic site, or have a glass of wine outside under a beautiful sunset.

Romantic RV Getaways

Whether it’s for valentine's day or any day, going on a romantic RV getaway with your loved one should be special. With so many beautiful places across the U.S., narrowing down the right location can be difficult. Here we share some truly romantic places to visit in your used or new RV.

Romantic Camping Ideas

A romantic camping getaway can mean escaping life's everyday stresses and sharing each other's appreciation for the sights, sounds and scents of the outdoors and for what you love most about each other. It also means practicing patience with each other, especially if one of you is a natural scout and the other's idea of camping is renting a fully furnished cabin at a resort.

A campsite within a few steps of the car will make it easier to focus on romance than a backcountry site that involves carrying 50-pound backpacks. Most importantly, take the time to plan with your significant other a getaway that invites romance, from the destination to your tent.

Romantic Camping Road Trip Getaways

With Valentine's Day around the corner it's a perfect time to really enjoy ourselves, our significant others, all in the presence of nature. Here is a list of the top three regions to explore on your romantic camping road trip this Valentine's Day.

But this isn't your typical "Top Three" list. We understand that each couple is unique and that is why we've chosen destinations that speak to the adventure seekers, the cuddly wuddlies, and the infomaniacs!

Top Romantic Luxury RV Getaways for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we would love to help you create a romantic getaway for you and your loved one. This is a special time of the year where you can express your love and affection through an extra date, special flowers or even a surprise vacation.

Romantic Ideas – Have a campfire

My wife and I have always thought camping together was romantic. We have always thought that hiking through trails, eating food made by a charcoal grill or Coleman stove, and just being with nature was very enjoyable.

Romantic Ideas - Transform your camping trip into a romantic getaway.

Best Cities for a Romantic RV Getaway

10 Romantic Camping Destinations

Romantic Camping Blog - Get some great ideas for your camping trip.



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  3. RVing Nugget: Valentine’s Day and Chocolates

As we grow older, Valentine’s Day may become reserved for that special someone in our lives. It gives us the opportunity to go the extra mile by taking them out for a nice dinner and buying them a little something special to show how much we care (chocolates, please).

Even if there isn’t a special someone in your life, Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love in all its forms. The best way, in my opinion, is to give chocolates to your Valentine (even if it is to yourself). All you have to do is feel the love!

It is a day where you can expect to be blinded by the color red. Where there are heart shaped balloons and roses by the dozen; cards filled with promises of love and adulation and chocolates given in an attempt to express the sweetness of this beautiful emotion. It’s a day when many who are whisked off their feet begin to understand the love spoken (and sang) of in Disney movies.

And for those who aren’t whisked anywhere, it’s a day to consume large amounts of heart shaped chocolate. Who says you can’t be in love with chocolate? We all know that feeling is divine.

Choose your valentine chocolates (free shipping) from any of these lovely establishments:






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4. RV fun, resources and news

Valentine Party

Is your circle of friends planning a valentine’s party around the campfire? Here is a website that has adult games for this special occasion. Some are variations on other games, but some are unique to this occasion. Keep the action going using several of these games. Depending on the open-mindedness of your friends, you might want to skip the kissing games.



 Valentine Trivia    
Women Card Buyers. The greeting card association estimates that 85% of all Valentine cards are purchased by women.
2nd Highest Card Sending Holiday. The greeting card association estimates that approximately one billion valentine's are sent annually world-wide, making it the second highest card sending holiday, behind Christmas.
Valentine's Day Cards. Valentine's Day is not just for lovers anymore. More than 190 Valentine's Day cards are bought every year, including cards for friends, family, and lovers. If you add in the Valentine's that children exchange in class, that number increases to over 1 billion Valentine's per year.
Valentine's Day Gift Spending. Consumers spend an average of over $75 on Valentine's Day gifts, the most popular being chocolates, food, wine, and flowers.
Valentine Birds. February 14th was long associated with fertility and love even before St. Valentine lived. It was the day that birds traditionally chose
their mates.

Official Holiday. St. Valentine's Day was declared an official holiday in 1537 when England's King Henry VIII declared it for the first time.


Reader's Comment
Response to Buying That First RV in January’s newsletter

Greetings from a reader of your ezine. My wife and I are closing in on our retirement and wanted to do as Christina, another reader who wrote Margo. Along with Margo's response, I'd like to add that we have had a good experience with the folks at www.rvreviews.net.

With 39 months to go, their materials helped us to zero in on what we needed, what brands to look for (specifically made with the needed quality for full-timers) the checklists needed etc.

Since they don't use advertising to pay for their site, it seemed like an unbiased and reasonable place for folks to use for research.

Likely, with all your experience and as long as you folks have been on the road, you already know of these folks. I guess it's just my 2 cents worth.
Happy travels, Tom


Thank you, Tom, for your valuable input. Their site, rvreviews.net, does provide written reports on individual models as well as industry reports.  ~Margo



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