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FCC Votes on Net Neutrality Dec 14, 2017


The big topic this month is whether Net Neutrality survives after December 14th. We thought the issue was settled in 2015 when the boundaries were set to keep the big Internet providers from chopping up the Internet highway. They have always wanted to place tolls every few feet but did not have enough power to do that until now.



In the last couple of years, millions of new customers have entered the market. A good percentage of these new customers are full-time travelers trying to combine work and play. They need fast Internet access but may be on a tight budget.


Then there are millions of new customers that are young people, still in school or just starting out seeking employment, that need this resource.


Most Internet users today never experienced the barriers put there in earlier years by companies like AOL Online. This company created their own universe on the Internet highway. People using this service never guessed that the only resources on their branch of the highway were sanctioned by AOL (read that toll collected).


When the truth surfaced, usually revealed by friends and family that were on the open highway, they felt betrayed. We do not want to go back to that toll road.


You can express your opinion on this by joining a number of groups that provide a petition you can sign, or call directly to your representative in Congress.


CALL your lawmakers: http://battleforthenet.com 

PROTEST at Verizon stores on Dec 7: http://VerizonProtests.com (The new FCC chief, Aij Pai, last employer was Verizon.)


For more information on this issue, see my blog, MovingOnWithMargo.com. Three posts explain the basic issues with links to other sites that add content.


Trailer Life 2017
Readers’ Choice Awards


Trailer Life magazine, the nation’s largest towable RV consumer magazine, released its 2017 Trailer Life Readers’ Choice Award winners – “the cream of the crop” in the view of its readers in terms of products, services, supplies and destinations.


Personal Note: To get the whole story on the quality of these rigs, search the National Highway Transportation Safety Association NHTSA.GOV website to get the latest recall announcements.

  • Select “Recalls” from the toolbar.
  • Use the year, make, and model or the VIN # if you have already located your choice.
  • This site covers 2012 through 2018. If the VIN # does not display any listings, try just the year, make and model.
  • If no recalls display, this means this particular year, make and model is safe to drive or tow away.
  • Do not assume all RVs by this manufacturer are the same quality.

Seriously folks, the reason the NHTSA.gov website was created and covers the years 2012 forward, directly correlates to the number of accidents and fatalities resulting from the terrible craftmanship coming from the major RV manufacturers.


My blog, MovingOnWithMargo.com, lists the manufacturer, number and type of recalls issued by the NHTSA each month. It is a real eye-opener!


FMCA Opens to All RVs

If you have been longing to join the big rigs in FMCA, your time is coming. The members have spoken, and they want you and your towable.


Now all the benefits, rallies, and special promotions can be yours. FMCA does not have the new applications online yet, so wait a few weeks to jump to their site to join.


Special Gifts for the Holiday Season


 The Wine Hook – Fits Almost Any Camping Chair






Hitch Safe – Store keys, money, credit cards







Duck Brand 283977 Printed Duct Tape,
Happy Camper






I’m Unplugging – Hammock & Accessory Bag






Personalized All Purpose Tool – For That Man



USA Trivia


1. Name the southernmost point of the 50 states.

            a. Ka Lae, Hawaii

            b. Key West, Fla.

            c. Brownsville, Texas

Hint: The point is on an island.


2. Name the place to see the best-preserved prehistoric cliff dwellings in the United States.

            a. Joshua Tree, Calif.

            b. Congaree, S.C.

            c. Mesa Verde, Colo.

Hint: The name means “green table.”


3. This plantation on the banks of the Potomac River is home to more than a dozen outbuildings, including slave quarters, a kitchen, stables, a greenhouse, four different gardens, and a four-acre working farm.        

Name this place.

            a. the White House

            b. Mount Vernon

            c. Monticello

Hint: This site also marks the final resting place of Martha and George Washington.


4. Name the 6,000 ft mountain that displays the likenesses of four American presidents.

            a. Mount Rushmore

            b. Monticello

            c. Mount Swarthmore

Hint: The 60-foot heads belong to presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.


5. This feat of nature is 277 miles long and one mile deep, and was formed by the erosion of the Colorado River. Name it.

            a. Royal Gorge

            b. Red Rock Canyon

            c. Grand Canyon

Hint: This gorge is in Arizona.


6. Name the only Great Lake that lies entirely within the U.S. borders.

            a. Superior

            b. Michigan

            c. Erie

Hint: This lake is bordered by Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


7. Name the state that is second in mean elevation to Colorado.

            a. Wyoming

            b. Montana

            c. Utah

Hint: This state is home to Yellowstone National Park.


8. Which official territory of the United States is located about 1,000 mi east-southeast of Miami, Fla.?

            a. Bermuda

            b. Haiti

            c. Puerto Rico

Hint: The capital of this place is San Juan.



1. Ka Lae, Hawaii. The spot 18°55' N 155°41' W lies on Hawaii’s South Cape.

2. Mesa Verde, Colo. A visit to the 52,121.93 acres of Mesa Verde National Park allows a peek into the ancient culture of the Pueblo people who made it their home from A.D. 600 to A.D. 1300.

3. Mount Vernon. Located 16 miles south of Washington, D.C., Mount Vernon is the most popular historic estate in America.

4. Mount Rushmore. South Dakota’s Mount Rushmore was begun by sculptor Gutzon Borglum in 1927 and finished by his son Lincoln in 1941.

5. Grand Canyon. Using uranium-lead dating in 2008, geologists found that the Grand Canyon is at least 16 million years old.

6. Michigan. The third largest Great Lake, Michigan was discovered in 1634 by the French explorer Jean Nicolet.

7. Wyoming. Rectangular in shape, Wyoming is traversed by the Rocky Mountains, which angle south across the state from the northwest.

8. Puerto Rico. Spain ceded Puerto Rico to the U.S. during the Spanish-American War of 1898.