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    August 2016

    Issue #343





  • Keep Pets Safe
  • Social Media for Pets
  • Taking the Older Generation Along
  • A Cooler Designed for RV Camping
  • ​Geography Trivia

According to the GoPetFriendly blog, "Whether you’re thinking about renting a pet friendly motorhome for a family vacation, or considering buying an RV to make traveling with your furry family members easier, rest assured you won’t be alone. According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association‘s spring survey (completed in April), 61% of RV owners travel with pets!"

Download this handy Pet Packing List to make sure those forgotten items do not come back to bite you.


Keep Pets Safe While Parked

Another great tip I found on this site. "A folding barrier is another great way to keep your pets from making an unexpected departure from your RV. Placing a pet gate between our living space and the door of the motorhome allows us to come an go without having to wriggle past the dogs, while trying to keep them from scooting out the door."


Here is an example I found on Amazon that should work perfectly. It even has a cat door to keep your sweetie from pestering you.


Keep Pets Safe Near Water


Teach your pets to swim and stop worrying about that pool, lake or ocean swallowing them up whle your back is turned. What's that? You thought all cats and dogs naturally knew how to swim?


Many breeds are natural-born swimmers. Many retrievers and spaniels will swim with little encouragement, but dogs with body types less suited to swimming, like Bulldogs, may need more encouragement and should wear a life jacket when swimming.



If you need to find out more about this topic, start here.



Keep Pets Safe on the Move




This 2-in-1 seat belt-walking harness is ideal for securing your pets when moving down the road. Quickly attach a leash for that refreshing break at a roadside stop.


  • Adjustable Straps for Comfort fit
  • Quickly converts from seat belt harness to walking harness
  • Sherpa lined chest piece for added comfort and support in the event of a panic stop
  • Durable nylon webbed straps for added strength and security; compatible with all seat belts


Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
                                         - Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet, (1803-1882)


Social Media for Pets


Yes, it if finally here! A social media presence for your pet. Thank goodness it functions as an ID tag too. Pet Dwelling's QR code pet tag is an ID tag, a jewelry charm, a pet cloud service, and a social media tool, all in one!



  • Stylish, lightweight and sturdy QR code pet tag for all pets.
  • Tag requires only a one-step activation and links to your pet's free online profile on Pet Dwelling; provides vet & contact info to anyone that finds your pet and scans the tag; provides a GPS location map on your pet's profile and instantly emails a notification to the owner when a tag is scanned.
  • Meet other pets and make friends for your pet. Share experiences and updates with local members to develop a neighborhood pet community. One click to share your pet's activity on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, with your friends!
  • Handles multiple pet profiles with one user. Facebook users can create pet profile with just one click on the login page. Pet Dwelling uses social media to help and emails you if anyone notifies Pet Dwelling of a lost pet.


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Taking the Older Generation Along


Originally designed for search and rescue dogs, the Webmaster harness is an all-purpose, all-season dog mobility harness for RVing trips. Whether your dog is having trouble with RV stairs because of aging, a recent surgery or other physical issues, the Webmaster harness saves your back by allowing you to gently lift your dog into and out of the RV and other vehicles, especially those with high clearances.

The Webmaster harness will save your back.


A Cooler Designed for RV Camping



One of the best cooler designs to come along for RV camping is this multi-functional model on wheels. Perfect for entertaining or dinner for two. The panels on the sides easily fold down for travel.


Read more ...


Geography Trivia


1. What 27-acre island is home to an important place in American immigration history?
a. Alcatraz
b. Ellis Island
c. Bermuda

Hint: This piece of land is owned jointly by New York and New Jersey.

2. What six states comprise New England?
a. Maine, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York
b. Maine, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Delaware
c. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island

Hint: The nation’s smallest state is in New England

3. Which landlocked harbor is one of the largest and best natural harbors in the East Pacific Ocean?
a. Valdez Harbor, Alaska
b. Honolulu Harbor, Hawaii
c. Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Hint: This harbor was the site of a surprise attack by the Japanese during WWII.

4. The Lechuguilla Cave is part of what series of underground chambers?
a. Carlsbad Caverns
b. Luray Caverns
c. Jenolan Caves

Hint: You must travel to southeast New Mexico to visit.

5. Which of the following territory, colony, or dependency is NOT under U.S. jurisdiction?
 a. Guam
b. Puerto Rico
c. Cayman Islands

Hint: A popular vacation spot, this overseas territory consists of three islands.


1. Ellis Island. Government-controlled since 1808, Ellis Island was long the site of an arsenal and a fort, but most famously served (1892–1954) as the chief immigration station of the United States.
2. Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island. The region
is thought to have been so named by Capt. John Smith because of its resemblance to the English coast.
3. Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Nineteen naval vessels, including eight battleships, were sunk or severely damaged during the attack on Pearl Harbor.
4. Carlsbad Caverns. The Carlsbad Caverns contain some of the largest and most impressive stalactites and stalagmites in the U.S.
5. Cayman Islands. The Caymans are a British dependency.





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