April 2018     Issue #363

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In This Issue:

  • Gas Folding Bicycles
  • DIY Options
  • International Geography Trivia

Folding Bicycles - Gas Version


Last month's issue exploring electric bikes opened a whole new world  for some of our readers as they are now requesting information about the gas version of the folding bicycle.


If you miss the sounds of a piston firing and the roar of the exhaust, you may be thinking of purchasing a gas-powered bicycle instead of electric.


Maintaining a gas bike is certainly more involved than its counterpart, but the traveling range is longer. Keep in mind that these bikes are heavier than their electric cousins.


If your bike-riding destinations are usually in the outback with sparse populations and lots of hills, the gas-powered bike may be the right choice. If your tourist ride is a truck with room to store gas cans and spare parts, need I say more.


Gas bikes often need adjusting, so understanding how a gas engine works is important. Just like your new car, there is a break-in pattern with bicycle motors that needs to be followed. Click here for a guide. For the standard types of engines available, click here.


A few examples of the latest styles are shown here:

The City Rider


The Bridge Stone Viper engine reaches speeds of 25–30 mph at 35 miles to a quart of fuel. Ride it as an ordinary bicycle or engage the engine.
  •  2 HP 48 cc Bridge Stone Viper Engine
  • Available in White
  • 20" 1-Speed
  • Rim/Hub: Steel Tire: 20" × 1.75"
  • Weight 42 lbs
  • Folded size  28" × 16"× 24"
  • Alloy rims and stainless spokes
  • Weight capacity: Up to 350 lbs
  • Height accommodation: 4'5" to 6'2"

EZ Peddler


EZ Peddler comes with the industry-leading 1.8 hp 2 stroke 33 cc motor for dependability.


The patented, chain drive system and transmission allows riders to stop and go without engaging or disengaging the motor.  The EZ Peddler folding motorized bicycle may also be pedaled like a regular bike.


7005 Aircraft Aluminum - The EZ Peddler Folding Motorized Bicycle's frame and components are designed from 7005 aircraft aluminum for strength and durability, that won't rust. Weighing in at only 44 lbs. and able to carry passenger weights of 300+ lbs. while reaching speeds in excess of 25 mph.


Independent Front and Rear Suspension - The 20 inch wheels with adjustable independent front and rear suspension will smooth out the roughest ride.


Adjustable Rear Suspension - Riding the EZ Peddler folding motorized bicycle is smooth due to its full front and adjustable rear suspensions and large, comfortable sprung seat.


V-Brakes - Stopping this motorized bicycle is provided by the amazingly powerful V-Brakes on both the front and rear wheels.


Quick Folding - Storing your EZ Peddler Folding motorized bicycle is quick and easy. You can fold this motorized bicycle without any tools, making storage in your boat, RV, car or truck neat and quick without taking up much space at all.


This bike has a cruising range of over 100 miles per tank of gas. Whether cruising across campus or picking up supplies for your campsite, visiting a local marina or sight seeing, the EZ Peddler folding motorized bicycle is always there for your fun and enjoyment.


The Windjammer

The WindJammer is an elite motorized bicycle that is compact and portable. It folds and stores neatly out of the way on yachts, boats, RVs, private planes and at home.


Available in yellow or red, it comes with optional accessories, such as the Canvas Storage Bag and the Bell Accessory Package.


Light-Weight and Fast - The WindJammer frame and components are 7005, aircraft-quality aluminum and salt water worthy. The complete bike weighs only a mere 44 lbs and has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The high tech 33cc motor propels the bike to speeds in excess of 20 mph. This outstanding bike also gets up to 200 mpg.

Easy Starts - The easy prime button and choke lever combined with large pull-start grip makes for easy starts time after time. (Same motor as the EZ Peddler.)

Smooth and Safe - The WindJammer has a smooth ride provided by its full front and adjustable rear suspensions. It also has a large, comfortable spring seat. Stopping power is provided by the amazingly powerful V-brakes on both front and rear wheels.

Easy to Operate - The patented chain drive system, along with the automatic transmission, allows the rider to stop and go without engaging or disengaging the motor. You may also pedal the WindJammer like a regular bicycle.

Compact and Simple - The WindJammer folds quickly with no tools.



DIY Kits


Build your own gas-powered bicycle with these kits. The kit comes with everything needed to convert your bicycle into a motorized bike--add some basic, household tools.


You are still able to pedal the bike and ride like normal or start the engine by releasing the clutch lever- there's no rope pulling needed!


Whether you are a beginner, or you need an engine that won't hurt your wallet, our Mega Motors 49cc and 66cc Bicycle Engine Kits are perfect for your next motorized bike build.


For help installing a gas engine, click here.


International Geography Trivia


1> Where would you find the Belcher Islands?

a. Hudson Bay

b. Mediterranean Sea

c. South China Sea

d. Gulf of Mexico


2> In which country would you find the Cho Oyu Mountain?

a. Nepal

b. Russia

c. Switzerland

d. Canada


3> What is the capital of Turkey?

a. Baku

b. Stanley

c. Ankara

d. Papeete


4> What is the name of the world's largest uninhabited island?

a. New Britain

b. Southampton Island

c. Devon Island

d. Melville Island


5> In which country would you find the Ucayali River?
a. Kenya
b. Peru
c. Iran
d. Vietnam

6> Which country owns Falster Island?
a. Greece
b. Egypt
c. Portugal
d. Denmark

7> Stanley is the capital of which country?
a. Sri Lanka
b. Aruba
c. Grenada
d. The Falkland Islands


8> Which country owns New Britain Island?

a. Canada

b. India

c. Australia

d. Papua New Guinea


9> Where would you find the Gulf of Aqaba?

a. North Atlantic

b. Red Sea

c. Bering Sea

d. Indian Ocean


10> Which country borders the Gulf of Bothnia?

a. Argentina

b. Finland

c. Tasmania

d. Vancouver Island


1> Hudson Bay - The Belcher Islands are part of the Nunavut Territory.

2> Nepal - Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world.

3> Ankara - Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan.

4> Devon Island - Devon Island is owned by Canada.

5> Peru - The Ucayali River is 1,771 km long.

6> Denmark - This island is located in the Baltic Sea.

7> The Falkland Islands - The Falkland Islands are a British Territory.

8> Papua New Guinea - The main towns on the island are Rabaul, Kokopo and Kimbe.

9> Red Sea - This Gulf is located at the northern end of the Red Sea.

10> Finland - Sweden borders the Gulf of Bothnia on the west.

Conquer the Road:
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  • How do the hydraulic levelers work and why do they need maintenance?
  • I need to flush the hot water heater, what is the best procedure?
  • What is the best practice to keep the septic system working properly?
  • What is an inverter and why do I need one?
  • What is involved in roof maintenance?
  • Why do I need to check the batteries every thAree months? 
  • How do I keep the generator working properly?


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