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April 10, 2015
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A Note from Margo: Women Traveling Solo
RV Lifestyle:  Support for Women Traveling Alone
RVing Nugget: Essential RV Tools
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1. A Note From Margo: Women Traveling Solo
Women are on the move. In pairs or as a single, more women are moving into the RV lifestyle. Some choose this adventurous lifestyle after the death of their partner, others are simply bored with the everyday life of the past. There are also women who started full-timing with a partner and chose to continue on without him/her.

Safety is always a concern with women traveling alone. Before you can decide if the RVing lifestyle is the right choice for you, you need to feel safe about traveling alone. Ignore all the negative thoughts and stories you hear about women traveling alone. It is all about common sense.

Before starting on your first trip, send the time and money to have the following maintenance areas serviced at a local RV specialist:

  • Oil change (consider using at least part synthetic oil)
  • Transmission service
  • Power Steering
  • Differential service (if applicable)
  • Brake lining and brake shoes (if applicable)
  • Tire pressure and condition (have the technician write down the manufacturer's date on all tires to have a heads-up about replacement)
  • Air filter (very important for diesel engines)
  • Correct amount of coolant in radiator (ask if the temperature sensor is working and correct)
Choose your overnight accommodations wisely.

Make sure you have a road service membership before you leave home.

Travel with a small dog if it makes you feel more comfortable. Or carry one of those electronic toys that bark.

Never open your door to strangers. Always keep your deadbolt locked. I open one of my front windows first until I identify the person. At night, I always turn on the porch light first, then open the window.

Avoid traveling at night. Schedule your plans so by late afternoon you are in your overnight spot. Remember, we are not in a hurry.

Avoid boondocking (staying overnight in places with no hookups) unless you are meeting friends or a group you are comfortable being around.

Update your fire extinguishers, just in case. In all the years I have spent on the road, I have yet to see a motorhome on fire. You are not going to be hauling a fifth-wheell or trailer, so not to worry.

Keep several types of flashlights handy. I keep a Energizer Weather Ready lantern near the door in case I need to check something at night. Its slim design and LED lights are almost bright enough to be seen from space . It also has a muted light option for stealthy missions, like taking your beloved pet for a necessary walk after dark.

That is about it; not much to worry about. No one can break in through the windows because they are too high. You are always surrounded by other RVers, hopefully not too close .

RVers watch out for each other, so even if it is a community of strangers when you arrive, it may not be for long. After the first few weeks in your motorhome the security blanket becomes obvious and comfortable. As a friend of mine often remarks, "You are wrapped in your cocoon, protected from the world.”

Keep in mind that help is always close at hand. If you spend the time to find the motorhome that is right for you and keep it maintained, any small problems that arise after you have reached your destination can be handled by someone in the RV park or an outside vendor that comes directly to you.

For Women Only: Traveling Solo You have decided to turn your life into an adventure rather than living a life that seems destined to be empty. You are looking for new faces, new places, and joy. Even if your surroundings are filled with friends, family, and the same old events, you feel as though your life has come to a dead-end.

Join the crowd with 20,000+ women traveling alone in their RV, living the adventure of a lifetime.  Everything you need to know to get started is included in "For Women Only - Traveling Solo In Your RV." It is a simple life and all under your control. So, what do you say, let's hit the road

Find out if the RV lifestyle is right for you. If you have questions, The RV Lifestyle: A Dream Come True; an ebook that contains the answers.

– Buying That Dream RV - Things to Consider
– Equipping an RV and Tips on Maintenance
– Managing Power, AC and DC
– Emergency Road Service
– Towing Your Auto
– Planning Trips - How To Get The Most For Your Money
– Boondocking (Primitive Parking)
– Earning an Income on the Road

– Staying In Touch with Family and Friends



2. RV Lifestyle: Support for Women Traveling Alone

WINS – Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Wandering WINs!  We Are Adventurous, Single RVers Traveling the USA, Canada, and Mexico. WIN is open to singles of all ages.

  Wandering Women - This insightful article by Patti Schmidt echoes the opinion that RVs Offer Women Travelers Freedom, Flexibility & Fun.

  RVing Women (RVW) - RVing Women is a National network whose members come from across the US and Canada. Established by and for women who are interested in RVing, they have Chapters across the country that offer camping, educational, and social events. They are a diverse group of women who enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities and hobbies. RVW also has a special solo chapter that is active all year with caravanning and rolling rally events.

If you mention my name, Margo Armstrong, in the referral field when you join up, I get a few dollars off my membership renewal.

Malia’s Miles  Included on this website are links to groups or websites of other women who have braved the open road without men and live to write about it…

Sisters on the Fly is the largest outdoor women’s group in the United States. Its membership-based community supports women in their journey to get up, get out and become more adventurous! Events run the gamut from camping to fishing, hiking, horseback riding, wine tasting and whatever else sounds like fun to plan and do!



Margo's eBook, "Conquer the Road: RV Maintenance for Travelers" is available at all major eBookstores. It covers all the basic systems: air conditioning, awning, generator, hot water heater, hydraulic levelers, inverter/converter, roof, sewer, tires, and much more. Driving and weight
balance tips are included.



  3. RVing Nugget: Essential RV Tools

Interior Vacuum Cleaner -  Having a cordless hand-held vacuum for the little jobs makes life much more pleasant. There are so many small spaces and corners in a motorhome.

I found the perfect vacuum for these jobs: Black & Decker Dustbuster 15.6-Volt Cordless Hand Vacuum. This little white giant really has the power. It only runs about 20 minutes on a charge, but can be used around the kitchen, bathroom, and even on carpet. It can be stored just about anywhere or left in plain sight.

Velcro Brand Industrial Strength Tape Industrial-strength Velcro can be purchased in rolls and cut to size. Use this very versatile tape to anchor the TV, stereo, and other heavy objects that do not have to be moved when traveling.

Loctite Fun-Tak Mounting Putty This soft pliable putty-like substance brings fond memories of our children's play days. Use this to anchor small objects like nick-naks, counter towel holders, hand lotion bottles, and Kleenex.

Common Household Items

Baking Soda - Pack a couple of small boxes of baking soda for multiple uses around the kitchen and bathroom. Use it to clean the stainless steel sink while also cleaning the drains.

Liquid Wrench Heavy Duty Silicone Spray Lubricant (or similar) silicone spray (not the dry type) is safe to use for squeaky hinges on inside cabinet doors. Vibration from traveling and dry desert air creates many opportunities to use this product.

Touch of Oranges (or similar) Wood Cleaner & Reconditioner should be used when you first purchase the motorhome and then every six months to keep your lovely wood cabinets looking good. After cleaning, use a wax of the same brand to protect and bring the wood back to life.

Folex Instant Carpet Stain Remover makes cleaning up those spots quick and easy.

Hope's Perfect Countertop Polish (or similar) to clean, protect and polish the solid countertops in the kitchen and bathroom.

Goo Gone Remover Spray Gel to remove grease, stickers, tar, gum, crayon, and tape residue.



You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:
Margo Armstrong is an RV lifestyle expert full-timing on the road for more than 18 years. She specializes in making the RV lifestyle seem friendly, interesting, adventurous, and safe, all at the same time. She is the author of 18 eBooks (9 about the RV lifestyle). She also maintains a weekly blog and two websites. Her writing workshops pop up wherever she stops along the road.  
Find out more about her ventures at her blog, MovingOnWithMargo.com, and her website, TheMaxwellGroup.net, that showcases her ebook collections.
Visit RVLifestyleExperts.com for information on everything about this great lifestyle.
4. RV Fun, Resources and News
Make your First Adventure on the Road to a Driving School

Lazydays RV Dealerships in Arizona and Florida offer driving classes. Check their websites for dates and times.

The RV Driving School was established in 1991, and has literally taught thousands of RV owners how to safely and confidently handle their recreational vehicles.

There are also truck-driving schools everywhere that can train you to back into a site and handle your rig on the road



Geography Trivia

The only location in the U.S. where four states meet, what are the four states that touch "Four Corners" in the southwest?

a. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada
b. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Oklahoma
c. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas
d. Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah

What is the only multinational continent that has no landlocked nations?

a. Europe
b. North America
c. Africa
d. South America

Of the following countries located in Africa, which one is the largest?

a. Chad
b. Libya
c. Algeria
d. South Africa

At a height of 7,310 feet above sea level, what is the highest mountain on the continent of Australia?

a. Mount Kosciuszko
b. South Rams Head
c. Mount Twynam
d. Mount Townsend

Historically, there have been four oceans. However, many countries now recognize a fifth ocean. What is its name?

a. Southern Ocean
b. Eastern Ocean
c. Western Ocean
d. Northern Ocean

Which of the following South American countries is landlocked?

a. Columbia
b. Peru
c. Uruguay
d. Bolivia




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