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Margo Armstrong
RV Lifestyle Expert

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Attention: Editors, Reporters, Radio and TV Producers, Tradeshow Directors, Book Reviewers, Webmasters, E-Zine Publishers

Margo Armstrong can help you meet your goals in the following ways:

  • Provide you with new articles, columns, tip sheets, interview material, book reviews, speeches and workshop leadership on all aspects of the RV Lifestyle. I appreciate your tight time frames and will honor your deadlines.
  • Provide you with previously written RV-related articles by Margo Armstrong. You may reprint for no expense, but you must include the following box to accompany each article. See free articles for a partial list.
This article is courtesy of RVLifestyleExperts.com, your source for exploring the RV lifestyle. Margo Armstrong can help you get started, travel solo, work on the road, boondock, and much more.
  • Provide you with other contacts in the RV Lifestyle.

Article and Story Ideas for Your Publication or Program

Margo can write or speak about the following topics that pertain to all RVers from weekend warriors and their families to full-time retirees:

  • How to find the perfect RV
  • Where to camp - from freebees to luxury resorts
  • Discuss the adventure of RVing
  • How to retire to an RV
  • How solo women RVers travel
  • How to work on the road
  • How to volunteer on the road
  • Roadmap to the RV lifestyle
  • How the latest technology has changed RVing
  • What hobbies RVers pursue
  • Healthcare and the RV Lifestyle

Featured Interviews: Online Newsletters

Guest Author on the RV Lifestyle: TheBalance

Listen to Podcasts with Margo:

Speaking and Leading Seminars:

Topics: Retiring to an RV, Frugal RVing, Working and Volunteering on the Road, RVing from the Woman's Perspective, Writing on the Road, Choosing an RV, and Finding a Place to Park.

My workshop " Writing & Publishing eBooks for Fun and Profit is very popular." This workshop is available without charge if the accompanying book can be retailed to the class at a discounted price.


Publishers of:

Freelance Articles published in the following magazines, newspapers and eZines:

  • Escapees magazine
  • Trailer Life magazine
  • RV Lifestyle Experts eZine
  • About.com/MoneyOver55
  • RV Daily Report
  • NY Times
  • Many others

Published eBooks on the RV Lifestyle

RV Lifestyle  

The RV Lifestyle:
A Dream Come True

Also in Paperback

Conquer the Road:
RV Maintenance for Travelers

Conquer the road
Also in Paperback

Working on the Road:
For Professionals and
Just Fun-loving Folks

Working on the Road

For Women Only:
Motorhome Care & Maintenance

Motorhome Care
Also in Paperback

How to Save Money
While Enjoying the RV Lifestyle

How to Save Money

Staying In Touch:
A Travelers Guide
Staying In Touch eBook

Healthcare and the RV Lifestyle




Road Map to RVing

Basic Questions Answered About the RV Lifestyle


Care & Maintenance

Festivals &
Special Events

Frugal RVing

Full-time RVing

Health Insurance

Places to visit

RV Book Reviews

RV Driving Schools & Boot Camps

RV LIfestyles eZine

Solo RVing


Writing On The Road

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