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  Mobile Healthcare

Mobile Healthcare

Mobile healthcare is on the move. Currently only available in the larger cities, smaller communities are preparing to join the ranks providing healthcare services to the home.

Instead of paramedic care only, services have extended to x-rays, lab tests, complete physicals, and preventive care. Technological advances have opened the field to make almost any medical care available to the mobile nurse or physician.

Prices range from $50 to $200 that includes everything but
x-rays and lab tests. Some companies are offering memberships at $50 per month that cover everything except surgery.

Here are some of the offerings available today:

bullet MedZed (video) operates out of Atlanta, Georgia as an at-home pediatric care service.

bulletHeal operates in several metro areas in the Los Angeles, California basin and San Francisco, California. They provide pediatrician or family doctor services for $99.

bullet Pager also operates in New York City, New York and San Francisco, California. Prices range from $50 for the first visit to $200 that includes everything but x-rays and lab tests.

bullet RetraceHealth is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They have a membership plan or a Pay-As-You-Go plan including a Video Visit for $50.

bulletDispatch Health (True North), a Denver-based company, hopes to be the next "Uber for health care," providing a doctor on your doorstep instead of a costly trip to the hospital.

These plans are generally considered “out-of-network” for insurance purposes.

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