Tips for Traveling with Pets



10 Tips for RVing with Pets

Courtesy of GoRVing.com:

1. Make a packing list of things your pet will need.

2. Make sure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.

3. Call the campground to make sure they allow pets.

4. If you are traveling for an extended time, or going to a remote area, make sure you have enough food, especially if your pet prefers a brand that is not readily available.

5. Make sure your animals’ tags are current with your cell phone.

6. Always pick up after your pet. Please! It’s the courteous thing to do.

7. Make sure your pets have been treated for fleas and ticks.

8. Read and follow the campground rules.

9. Many national parks don’t allow pets on trails, in the backcountry, or on waterfronts. Call ahead or go to the website of the national park you are visiting so you can plan accordingly.

10. Make sure they have plenty of water, food, a place to potty (pee-pee pads work well), and proper ventilation or air conditioning.

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7 Things to Remember About RVing With Pets

Pin  Would it be okay to leave them in the RV when we went places they couldn’t go?

Pin  What if they barked the whole time?

Pin  What if there was a fire or the electricity went out causing the air conditioning to stop working?!

Pin  Would they handle the driving okay?

We had LOTS of questions.

Bark CollarLuckily, a friend told us about a citronella bark collar. When our black lab, Indy, barks, it sprays out citronella. She didn’t like the smell at all. We put it on her, she barked twice and that was it. It worked that well.

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RVing with Cats

Cat patio

Pin  Step One – Getting Your Cats Used to the RV

Pin  Resolving the Cat Box Dilemma

Pin  Keeping Your Cats Safe

Pin  Food and Water

Pin  Medical Issues

Pin  RVing with Cats and Dogs

More information HERE.

5 Tips For RVing & Camping With Cats

From Wheelit.us blog:

Cat with harness

Most cats don’t like change and when we decided to move into the RV we intentionally took a very slow, deliberate approach. Before we moved into the RV we made sure the kitties had several cubby holes & hiding places, scratching poles, litter and rags/blankets with familiar smells.

Then we chose to live stationary in the rig for almost 2 months in San Diego before we started driving anywhere. This gave the kitties a chance to find their spots and make the rig their home before moving. I honestly feel this was a critical part of the adaptation process.

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RVing with Dogs

Detailed information on:

Pin  Food and Water

Pin  Papers and Vet Info

Pin  Exercise

Pin Routine

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How To RV With Your Pet – What You Need To Know

This informative post goes into detail about traveling with big dogs, cats, and birds. Tips on finding a pet-friendly park and much more. Read on …




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