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Buying That First RV Long Distance
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If you are searching for the perfect RV at the local sales lot, scanning the local newspapers, or checking the local craigslist site daily, it may take a long time to find it. If you take advantage of the national RV sales sites, the chances of finding just what you want are better. The problem often is the location of this perfect RV.

Send an RV Inspector

The webpage, Buying an RV Long Distance, discussed the advantages of having the RV inspected by an accredited RV inspector.

If the inspector's report is positive, there are ways to buy that RV located far away and have it delivered to you. The inspector can help you with the details.

Here are a few suggestions:

Transferring Funds When Purchasing an RV

Transferring funds to the current owner of the RV you want to buy is tricky under the best of circumstances. Due to the large amounts of cash usually involved, security is the big issue. What if the owner is a thousand miles away?

If you use a wire transfer - bank to bank - what guarantees a safe arrival of the vehicle? The owner might agree to half down and half when you receive it. Still...we are talking large amounts of cash.

Most buyers rely on an escrow service to provide the security. If you are on friendly terms with your banker, that service might be available to you. If not, the only national escrow service in the USA that I am aware of is Escrow.com.

Information from their website:

  • Online escrow that is simple and safe for Buyers and Sellers

  • A licensed and regulated escrow company compliant with Escrow Law

  • Regularly audited by government authorities

  • Armed with an in-depth knowledge of the escrow process

  • The safest service to trust with your money

Headquartered in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, Escrow.com is a privately held company that has pioneered the process of online escrow services. The Company, founded in 1999 by Fidelity National Financial, has established itself as one of the leading providers of secure business and consumer transaction management on the Internet.

Buying and selling vehicles online has never been easier or more secure. Escrow.com's simple 5-step process ensures money transfer and vehicle delivery with every sale.

To make your vehicle sale even easier, we offer time-saving services, such as Lien Payoff and Title Collection; we also recommend companies who can provide vehicle transport.

Escrow service fees as low as 0.89% of the purchase price. [Note: the fee schedule is not straight-forward. It is based on the selling price in increments. The higher the amount transferred, the lower the overall fee.] For example: Purchase a Fifth-wheel for $20,000; pay an escrow fee of around $200. Buyer or Seller (or Broker if applicable) can pay this fee, or it may be split between them. Read the details carefully.

Buyers can pay the escrow company by wire transfer, and in some instances, cashiers, business, certified or personal check, money order, credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa) and PayPal. The Fee is determined by purchase price and the level of service.


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