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FMCA Tire Discount


The day is coming when the tires on your RV need to be replaced. This is a major expense for most vehicles. Fortunately your FMCA membership can help.

Michelin's arrangement with FMCA allows its member to purchase new tires at fleet prices.The process is complicated and must be followed to the letter, so if you want to save about $100 per tire (or more depending on the tire size) it may be worth it.

Michelin's standard statement is "replace the tire every ten years whether it shows wear or not." This is basically a safety standard because blowouts, rubber rot, sun damage and other wear factors come into play at this stage. In other words, Michelin tires are manufactured to last for ten years if carefully maintained.


1. Find a large tire dealer that is willing to work with the Michelin Advantage Program. Most dealers that already sell the Michelin tire your rig requires are willing to work with you. The reason I suggest large companies: They may have dealers in other locations on your travel path in case you need assistance with air pressure or blowout replacements.

2.  From the tire dealer, get the MSPN number (product number) for the exact tire you are planning to purchase.

3. Call Michelin and get a quote on the tire size you need. .

4. Contact Michelin and give them a valid credit card to be billed for the cost of the tires. This gesture is only good for 30 days. If the tires have not been installed and billed in that time, you must call Michelin again to activate the card.

FYI: FMCA then sends you a bill (via email) itemizing the cost. It is FMCA that adds the State tax and the waste fee to your bill instead of the tire dealer or Michelin. This is an additional amount that is charged wherever you buy your tires. Sad to say, but it can add up to $200 or more to the total cost..

5. Make an appointment to have the tires replaced on your RV and pay the install fees directly to the tire dealer.

6. Once the dealer bills Michelin (usually while you are at the dealer's location), Michelin bills your credit card immediately. Several days later, an email invoice is sent from FMCA detailing the expense. This invoice includes the state taxes and waste fee not included in the original Michelin quote. Make sure the tire dealer has your active email address.

Note: To make sure the tires balance correctly and provide optimum ride and lifetime, insist that each tire has a manufacturing date in the same month and year, or at least closely paired. Fresh new tires are proven to have a longer life span.

Tire date code

Prepare to give the tire dealer time to make this happen as they may have to be shipped from a distant warehouse.

Instructions: After loggin into the FMCA.com website, look under Benefits for a link to the Michelin Advantage Program. Download the Member Instructions. Print a copy to give to the tire dealer, it simplifies the process on their end. It helps to repeat that you are "paying the tire dealer directly for the installation". If the dealer misunderstands or ignores this and the install is billed to Michelin, it is rejected and the process starts again.


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