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Forums (Discussion Boards)

Forums are generally electronic message boards that invite the public to comment on specific topics. Forums that target the RV lifestyle usually have topics ranging from tips on purchasing an RV to specific blueprints for remodeling an older one.

Product reviews, performance issues, buying and selling RVs included related items, favorite destinations, mileage charts, and everything in between can be found here.

There are also forums devoted to one particular model and brand of RV. These forums are usually moderated with someone attached to the industry, but not always. Once the decision is made about the brand and model to buy, visit a forum to find out about performance issues, warranty questions, parts, and personal opinions.

The Administrators of these forums usually require that you join before posting your own message. This helps limit the spam on the site. Usually you can read the posts before making the decision to join. Most forums post their privacy statement on the site.

Some speciality forums are more selective, and require a referral from someone already a member, for example, the salesman that sold you the RV.

Forums are normally free to the average reader, although some sites provide extensive information and charge a fee.


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