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What Does a Typical RV Lifestyle Day Look Like?

Since every day is a holiday, all options are open. If you are working, workcamping or volunteering, your day is already scheduled, so read no further.

If you are staying in an RV park, make sure you get the local park calendar and any local newspaper available. Seek out all the notices of local happenings. Pick up brochures in the park office for tourist attractions.

RV Park

Every area offers tourist temptations. Every RV park provides some social get-togethers. Every off-the-beaten-path beckons your adventurous nature. Museums abound, even in the tiniest hamlets. Unique cultural events happen throughout the year.

What you wind up actually doing, of course, varies with each individual. Take a look at all the activities you think about now that you would like to do. If these activities require a long-term committment, there may be duplicate activities in another location that are short-term. It is based on location, location, location.

Fitness Center

Take, for instance, gym membership. Where you live now, you may have to pay months in advance or a steep membership fee. However, in areas where snowbirds are bound to gather, memberships in well-equipped gyms charge by the day, no membership fee. Many RV resorts and campgrounds have workout areas; some have full gym equipment like the photo above, others may just have three or four machines.

Every area where RVers gather, senior centers are sure to follow. If you like to take educational courses at the local centers, check their website before you roll in to town and sign up online before you arrive.

Local libraries offer seminars, art galleries hold special showings, local live theatre is everywhere.

Walk Woods

If nature is your thing, there is no limit to the number of hikes you can take. RV parks specialize in providing nature walks, hikes to local historical sites, and just plain walking every morning.

If you love water, pool exercise is the standard at least one morning in the week. Add to that just plain lounging and reading by the pool. If touring Southern California or Florida coasts, the beaches beckon every day.


If you think primitive parking (boondocking) sounds like the best experience for you, every day is a new experience. Check out the Boondocking page for the latest information on boondocking areas and activities.


If visiting casinos is your thing, they love RVers. Parking is usually free for overnight boondocking or usually less than competitive rates for full hookups. They want your business, expect special treatment and bonus deals.

One of the great things RVers like about traveling is that by understanding that the weather controls many of our activities, we can control our location. An unseasonal rainy or cold patch, move on; too much sun, head north.

Playing golf in January is quite common in the southern part of the United States. Swimming, pickleball (a unique short tennis game), tennis, shuffleboard, bocce ball, or line dance and ballroom lessons, can be right around the corner from you, or 100 feet away, depending on the RV park.


I love live theatre...so often I choose to stay in areas that provide that experience. Small towns or suburbs of metro areas prove to be the best candidates. In the larger metro areas, live theatre is too expensive, parking is scarce, the evening can turn into a hassle. Using the Internet, I find out what is playing and schedule my arrival to match. I have never been disappointed, not once.

Matching our travel path to our activities is quite common in the RVing world. Golfers find the best courses, pickleball players find the best courts, line dancers find the best instructors, and so on.

If you don't know yet, pick one place to spend a month (or three weeks) because the weather is wonderful. Talk to people, read the bulletin boards, go to the park socials, read the brochures in the lobby, talk to people in the grocery store, you get the picture. Try out some of the activities provided, you may find something you love to do and use that as a focus for future travels.

Those new to the RV lifestyle find they have to slow down after a few months. There is so much to experience that it becomes overwhelming. After a few years on the road, you learn to try new things and discard old when life demands it.

The point is, no one is ever bored in this lifestyle. Even with a handicap, there is more than enough to keep you interested in life around you. All you have to do to find a new friend is step outside your rig.

Plan a Trip? There is a great routing map on the RoadTrippers.com site that allows you to plan a trip. Just enter the dates and final destination, all the interesting and weird spots to stop along the way are shown.

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