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Families on the RoadFamilies on the road, one of the best resources for families considering this lifestyle.


The Scenic RouteThe Scenic Route is an RV lifestyle blog brought to you by Go RVing. Find stories from real RVing families and inspiration to help you find your AWAY. There are photographers among the bloggers on this site that produce gorgeous photos; an example from the RoadTrippers blog:


There is also a great route map on this site that allows you to plan a trip. Just enter the dates and final destination, all the interesting and weird spots to stop along the way are shown.

RVFamilyTravelAtlas.com - Jeremy and Stephanie are the co-hosts of RV Family Travel Atlas, a podcast available in the iTunes Store and the creators of the RVFTA Podcast Network. They are also award winning educators and writers, who spend over 50 nights a year in their RV, traveling with their three young sons.

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