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Choosing a Diesel Engine

Take the Adventurous Road

Where Does That Road Go?

The tall pine trees shimmering in the sun releases that heavenly smell that only the Colorado Rockies can produce. Rolling along the highway in my Cummins diesel pusher, with only the sound of the road to distract me, my thoughts drift back to earlier times in my gas-powered motorhome.

Usually in my travels, I skip the state of Colorado because the steep inclines and sharp drops are more than a little tense. Without the control and power of a diesel engine, going up is a slow and boring journey, coming down, always a challenge.

Turning up the radio volume and singing along helps keep me calm under most stress situations. This happens often in the Colorado Rockies.

Back in the present, with the help of the Cummins maintenance-free exhaust brake plus the air brakes, no white knuckles for me, just smooth sailing to the bottom. The extra torque provided by the diesel engine (about 50% more than a gas engine) keeps it running at maximum performance without a lot of downshifting.

Enjoying a quiet, relaxing ride even while powering up the hills, makes getting to my destination part of the fun. The engine being in the rear, instead of under the driver’s seat, helps buffer the sound to a low 62 db.

Included in my motorhome is a Cummins generator that is quiet enough not to wake the fish when parking next to that special lake. Together with the 20-40% fuel savings, Cummins is feeling like a great choice.

Using the latest technology, Cummins new free smartphone app is impressive. It allows me to access critical information about my Cummins engine, then, if I need to, I can email this information to any service center. The optional Connected Diagnostic system prompts service personnel to email me if any problems display.

Looks like Cummins covered all the bases on safety and support. Offering a 5 year/100,000-mile warranty extendable to 8 years, Cummins takes care of me wherever I am. With 3500 service locations filled with fully qualified technicians, I feel safe on the road; even my Cummins generator warranty is 3 years/2,000 hours extendable to 5 years.

For a more in-depth look, view the Cummins video series for data on the compression ratios when climbing hills, mileage comparisons, and stopping power.

 . . . See you down the road!

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