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Frugal RVing Tips

Frugal Tips


bullet Save big money when buying that first RV by selecting a quality used  motorhome or trailer. See Choosing That First RV and Important Features to Look for in That First RV.

bullet Save thousands by buying an RV with a gas engine instead of a diesel until you decide if the full-time lifestyle is working for you.

bullet Buy that first RV from an individual instead of a dealer. You usually can get a better deal as well as start up instructions from the person that knows the rig.

bullet Save thousands in mechanical and appliance repairs by hiring an RV Inspector before you purchase that first RV. You would not buy a house without an expert taking a look, would you? Of course not.

bullet Arrange your own financing to get the best deal when purchasing that first RV.

bullet Use RV tax advantages to save every year on the road.

bullet Pick a state as your homebase that saves the most on license and registration, insurance, and state taxes.

bullet Purchase a campground discount card and save up to 50% on overnight stays. Save a bundle when you join a campground membership.

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