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Marchi Mobile Luxury Camper

This is the Elemment Palazzo, the most tricked out RV in the world. Turn the RV into a lounge and bar with a touch of a button. Program everything electronically. Monitor your expensive toy remotely. It also turns in a Transformer. Well, almost!


Looking at the technical features, you would have the 510HP engine with auto-transmission, dual-sport exhaust system with carbon diffuser, 28-inch alloy wheels, single arm windscreen wiper, all of which are responsible for the supreme riding experience on the vehicle’s outside.


Marchi cockpit

Inside you would find 8 LCD screens, 6 business class lounge chairs with massaging functions, multi-media system, bar, and even adjustable lighting according to your needs. There is even the extendable luggage space with shoe rang to keep your footwear safe. The chauffer doesn’t need to compromise either, as the booth is also thoroughly equipped, and would be rather easy with the on-road assistance system in case you need it.

Volkner Toy Hauler

Ditch the Mercedes and you can fit three ATVs side by side with room to spare on this beautiful Toy Hauler RV! They’ll be completely secure and tucked away on the motorized tray in the belly of your motor-home. Built in Germany.


You get to chose from either a Volvo or Mercedes-Benz mobile home sub frame with rear engine, and everything else has options too. The dream ATV toy hauler comes with a large dining room, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters big enough to sleep 8 comfortably, 16 if you roll out sleeping bags for the kids.



Pop Up and Pop Out

Now here's an RV with room to roam, not just on the roads but inside the RV! RVtravel.com reader Jim Warren spotted this huge travel trailer at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Port Townsend, Washington. Chances are you won't find a trailer, motorhome or other RV bigger than this one!

Long RV

Futuria Sports + Spa

The FUTURIA sports+spa is the first show truck worldwide with an integrated whirlpool on the nearly 11 m sun deck with yacht flooring. The lifestyle trailer truck also houses a roadster garage, a luxurious lounge, a berth, a powerful sound system, a fog machine and under floor illumination.



Up to 10 persons can be accommodated in the fully air-conditioned lounge, which is equipped amongst other things with two LED/LCD monitors and fully automatic coffee machine. The sun deck with high quality yacht flooring provides a generous viewing platform for the events taking place.


If you are looking for the extreme ultimate RV then this custom built KiraVan motorhome built by a Dad for his daughter might be the perfect thing, if you have deep enough pockets.
The awesome and very rugged RV has been built by Bran Ferren, co-founder and chief creative officer of technology firm Applied Minds.


KiraVan KiraVan

Built specifically to do a little globetrotting, it also provides the perfect expedition vehicle for the family to enjoy the remote sights of the world.

Anderson Mobile Estates - The Heat

Ideal for individuals or organizations who desire spacious rooms, studios, conference rooms, and the 5-Star Luxury Treatment. This is one of our most lavish Two-Story trailers. Movie stars, Actors, Singers... can relax in peace during their down time with no worries or without being cramped. It features up to 1,200 sq. ft. of living and working area allowing for multiple business meetings to take place, all in the privacy of your own trailer. This is the one that Will Smith uses on location.



The Heat features a full kitchen to serve clients, crew members, or an entire staff during down-time. A Master Bedroom, many Spacious Rooms, Lobbies, and restrooms and showers are also included.

Features Leather, Oak Wood, and Marble treatments throughout the entire unit, giving it the 5-Star Luxury Hotel feel, all while providing you with 360-degree, 24/7 video surveillance and security.

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