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Choosing to ride a bike instead of driving a car doesn’t mean you have to forego the convenience of a camper trailer – if you’ve got the leg muscles to pull it off.


A tiny house with big aspirations: Introducing the ‘BikeRV’

bike RV

Portland resident Alexander Main wants to change the world by building tiny houses that can be pulled behind a bicycle. And he just finished his first prototype. Main (26 years old) moved here from Germany and set out to build what he refers to as “the first of its kind self-sustainable solar powered Bike RV Trailer!”

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Bicycle Camping with Style

Bicycle Camper-Tent Combo

Tent Rv Tent RV

The Midget BUSHTREKKA is a lightweight bike trailer built for uneven terrain. It features three main storage compartments with over 41 gallons of storage space and fully adjustable leveling jacks.

The trailer pairs with the ‘TentCot‘ to create the camper setup pictured.

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Tricycle House

The idea of living life on the road in an RV can be appealing. Unfortunately, most RVs are not very environmentally friendly, nor are they self-sufficient. However, the Tricycle House relies on pedal power to move between destinations, and boasts several pieces of clever folding furniture to provide those much-needed home comforts.

Tricycle house

Tricycle house

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More Innovative and Energy Efficient Cycle Creations

Trade in Your Golf Cart for a Velomobile? Instead of a golf cart to tour that large RV resort or make that short trip to the corner store, how about this energy efficient tricycle-driven version?


The prototype has a full lighting system (including turn indicators), an electric horn, and a full polycarbonate body. The company is also looking at a side mirror that attaches to the shell via a suction cup, along with a possible windshield wiper.

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The Perfect Day Trippers

Built for Burning Man, this camper weighs 100 pounds and is packed with a solar oven and a solar water heating system, and has a wind turbine and solar lights on the exterior.

Day Tripper

Spotted in Portland, this DIY bike camper was inspired by moon rovers and the moon landing vehicle.


The Weekender

German RV-maker Dethleffs experimented with a concept bike camper, producing a prototype that included a bed and a small kitchen.

Mobile Home

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Mobile House Party

These Wide Path Campers are not only mini RVs, but a mobile house-party easily deployed in urban, suburban, and natural spaces.

Wide Path

Wide Path Campers are durable, collapsible, lightweight, and surprisingly spacious. The camper’s unique shape and hardshell exterior provide a cozy secure feeling inside and a safe place to store your belongings.

With a Wide Path Camper you can enjoy the freedom of taking your bicycle cargo, camping trailer, shelter, solar energy source, and social space with you wherever you pedal. These mobile tiny houses offer instant shelter from the weather, a comfortable bed for 2.5 people, and a convertible space for 4 adults to dine-in, relax, and camp in style. Manufactured in Denmark.

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Pedal-powered for One

There's a sense of freedom to be found in loading up your RV with all you need to survive and hitting the road to explore new places and commune with nature.

RV for one

This RV does it a little differently – completely human powered, about half the size of a normal cab-over camper, and completely emission free. Designed by Boston-based artist Kevin Cyr, the Camper Bike is a fully functioning RV.

The pedal powered camper was constructed in April 2008 and is built for one. Attached to a burly tricycle frame made to haul goods, the cab-over easily sits on the back platform. Like a turtle shell this camper goes anywhere the owner can bike it. The camper’s interior features small and efficient appliances as well as a place to sleep and storage.

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