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~ Guidelines ~

Writer's guidelines

RVLifestyleExperts.com provides expert advice on all aspects of RVing and the RV lifestyle. If you have an area of expertise, we welcome your articles about any aspect of the lifestyle.

Articles should be informative, not promotional, and should not include self-serving links. You may include an author bio paragraph where you may promote your book, Web site, services, etc. Please, no more than three links in the author bio.

Mutual Benefits

You do not have to pay to have your articles featured with links to your site, nor do we compensate you for use of your articles on this site.

We both benefit from the mutual links, which multiplies both our audiences. Please link from your site directly to your articles on http://RVLifestyleExperts.com/.

We are happy to promote you and your book or company when you provide quality content; however, the purpose of this site is to provide information on RVing and the RV lifestyle, not the promotion of individual books or authors.

Article Guidelines

Articles should be at least 300 words and not exceed 1000 words.

Any articles you submit must be your original work, and you must hold the rights. The article may be previously published in print or online. By submitting your articles, you grant RVLifestyleExperts.com the right to publish the works here. You retain the copyright on your work.

RVLifestyleExperts.com may make minor edits to your works (e.g., spelling, grammar and style issues) and may change the title slightly to make the article easier for readers to find it in searches.

How to Submit

E-mail articles to Margo (at) TheMaxwellGroup (dot) net. Putting the article in the body of the email is preferred, but they may be submitted as a Word, rft, txt file, or pdf attachments if necessary.

Photos are encouraged. They should be in jpg format. Resize to 72 dpi, 250 at the longest side. If not, send one at a time. For all emails, be sure to put Article (or photo) for RV Lifestyle Experts in the Subject line so it isn't deleted as SPAM.

After submitting an article, allow seven days for the article to appear on the site (it may appear sooner).

There is no limit on the number of articles you may submit.

Thank you for your support of RVLifestyleExperts.com. We look forward to receiving your articles. Help us make you look good by making us look good!

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