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Winterizing & Storage

Draining the Tanks

Remove the drain plug on the water heater. Allow the water to drain out. Replace the plug.

Find the drain plug on the water tank. Drain all but a few gallons. Replace the plug.

Use potable Antifreeze in the fresh water tank to prevent freezing.

Water Pump

Run the water pump until it sucks air.

Using potable Anti-freeze in the fresh water tank should prevent any problems in the lines.

Avoid Broken Pipes

Keep water in the pipes P-trap. Each month while in storage, add a little water to the kitchen and bathroom pipes.

Gray and Black Water Tanks

Keep a small amount of water in each tank. Pump a small amount of potable antifreeze into each tank.


Run the generator for an hour each month. Every 50 hours, check the spark plugs. Change the oil and filter.


Michelin recommends that cardboard, plastic, or plywood be placed between the tire and the storage surface.

Inflate the tires to the recommended psi on the tire.

Thoroughly clean tires with soap and water.

Store out of a high ozone area.

Cover the tires, if stored in direct sunlight.

Lower the hydraulic levelers to take some of the weight off the tires. It is important to keep the refrigerator level too if you plan to leave it stored long-term.


Leave an open container of baking soda inside to absorb odors.

Prop the door open a few inches.


Close all blinds and curtains.

Use reflective coverings inside the windows, if available.


Leave one vent cracked for air circulation. Depending on the storage environment, all other openings should be closed.

Cover the furnace vent and hot water vents with protective screens to keep out the critters.

Close any other openings inside with rags or foam that might allow critters to enter.

Miscellaneous Items

The temperature inside a stored RV can fluctuate wildly. Expect any item stored to be affected.

Remove any plastic items that might melt in extreme heat.

Remove any canned items, canned or bottled soda (any carbonized bottles or cans).

Remove any cleaning items that are under pressure, such as foam cleaners.

Remove any lotions and pressurized hair sprays.

If a damp climate, provide moisture absorbing pellets or other devices.


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