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  Water Sanitizer

Sanitizing the
Fresh Water Tank


When the water from the fresh water tank begins to smell like rotten eggs or worse, it is time for a flush project.

If you have outside pre-filters, leave those in place if you want to sanitize them too. (If these filters have been dormant for several months, it is not safe to reuse them even after the bleach solution process. Discard them and replace with new filters.)
Mix a solution of 1/4 cup of household bleach to 1 gallon of water (50 ppm solution). Use one gallon of this solution for each 15 gallons of tank capacity. Never pour bleach directly into the tank as it is harmful to the rubber seals, always use the solution as described.
Pour this 50 ppm solution into the tank. For heavily contaminated tanks, use a 100 ppm solution (1/2 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water).
Fill the balance of the tank with fresh water.
Run the water until a distinct odor of chlorine is detected; turn off all faucets.
Allow the water to soak in the tank for 4 hours (50 ppm solution). If using the extreme solution (100 ppm), soak time should be at least 1 hour.
When soaking is complete, open each faucet
(hot & cold).
8. Drain and flush with fresh water.
bullet Get the bleach solution into the tank using a hose:
  • Connect a fresh water hose to the water supply in the park.

  • Ensure that the hose is empty of water.

  • Before connecting the other end of the water hose to the RV, pour as much of the the bleach solution into the hose as possible.

  • Connect the hose to the RV and turn on the water (check for leaks). The water pressure should push the solution into the tank.

  • Duplicate this action until all the gallons of solution are in the tank.

bullet Get the bleach solution into the tank using a long,
flexible funnel.
bullet Get the bleach solution into the tank using a drill pump. See an example: (drill needs 2000 rpms)

Drill pump

Heavy Duty Drill Powered Pump 650 GPH Water, Corrosion, Heat and Wear resistant

Caution: If your RV is equipped with a Reverse Osmosis water filter system, flip the "bypass" switch so the bleach flush does not go through the filters and into the storage tank.

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