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Bob DifleyBoondockBob's Guide to RV Boondocking

by Bob Difley

If you’ve been tempted to expand your RV Lifestyle beyond established RV resorts and campgrounds into camping off the grid, this ebook may be what you need to kick off your adventure.

The author, Bob Difley, has been camping and RVing for more than 40 years, enjoying the freedom away from crowded campgrounds, and exploring America’s wild lands and National Parks. Camping along our scenic byways, on the shores of mountain lakes and streams, in the depths of our national and state forests, and in the wide open spaces of the Southwestern deserts are possible only while boondocking.

In this ebook, Difley hopes to inspire you to take the road-less-traveled and find your own private campsites – and he shows you step-by-step how to do it easily and painlessly.

Bob Difley Boondocking: Finding a Perfect Campsite on Public Lands

by Bob Difley

This 65-page eBook helps you to become a proficient and efficient boondocker. It shows you how to camp without the restriction of campground rules whether in primitive national forest and BLM campgrounds or at your own "un-designated" campsite discovery.

Find those picturesque national forest or secluded desert canyon campsites, make the most of your RV's built-in self-contained features, conserve your onboard resources--and save tons of campground fees while enjoying nature in the wild. Click here for more information.


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