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Margo An entrepreneur her entire adult life, Margo Armstrong chooses to spend her senior years sharing the RV full-time adventure in the form of an eZine, a blog, two websites and 10 books.

With 20+ years of living and traveling full-time in an RV with no end in sight, Margo is truly an RV Lifestyle Expert. Sharing her expertise and information on this website allows her to help you skip most of the beginner's errors, some of which can cancel the trip.

Most of the pages on this website were written by Margo in a practical style with just a touch of hype and humor. Expect to get the truth as she sees it, revealing the lifestyle in all its glory and blemishes. It is not a lifestyle for everyone.

Her goal is to help others become more powerful by providing basic information in areas where she has expertise. Look for her RVing and lifestyle articles in the Escapee's Magazine, RV Lifestyle Experts eZine and on numerous national websites that focus on enhancing your RV lifestyle. More more information, visit the Media Room.

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If you are venturing into unknown territory and want to prepare yourself first, see if there is information in one of her ebooks you can use to be successful.

Margo Armstrong is the author of 10 books about the RV lifestyle on sale at Amazon.com.

  RV Lifestyle Collection 1 For Women Only: RV Lifestyle Collection 1 - Three eBooks in one volume. Traveling Solo, Motorhome Maintenance, and Healthcare & the RV Lifestyle. SAVE $10 with this Boxset!

The RV Lifestyle:
A Dream Come True

Also in Paperback

RV Lifestyle

Conquer the Road:
RV Maintenance for Travelers

Also in Paperback

Conquer the road

Working on the Road:
For Professionals and Just Fun-loving Folks

Working on the Road


For Women Only:
Traveling Solo in Your RV

Also in Paperback

Traveling Solo

For Women Only:
Motorhome Care & Maintenance

Also in Paperback

Motorhome care

How to Save Money While Enjoying the RV Lifestyle

How to Save Money

  Selling Online: Supporting Your RV Lifestyle

Selling Online eBook

Staying In Touch: A Travelers Guide

Staying In Touch eBook

Healthcare and the RV Lifestyle


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