PODCAST: Welcome to RV Lifestyle Experts (2min:21sec)

A short audio Welcome to give you an overview of this huge website.


Read the script:

Welcome to the RV Lifestyle Experts website. Margo here, the moderator of this website, and a full-time RVer for 23 years. This is a short podcast to give you an overview on how to navigate this huge website. To the right of the main panel is the Road Map to RVing. It contains links to the thousands of articles available here.

If you find the RV lifestyle calling to you, the vision of freedom and independence on the open road keeping you up at night, the adventure of seeing new horizons every day, this website is for you.

What does one day in the RV lifestyle look like? At the very top of the Road Map to RVing panel, Click Basic Questions Answered About the RV Lifestyle.

If you are wondering about the cost of this lifestyle, click Frugal RVing.

Looking for the perfect RV? How about some tips on finding just the right one. Select Basic Questions Answered About the RV Lifestyle.

Want to find a driving school to give you more confidence on the road? Click Driving Schools & Boot Camps.

If you decide to jump onboard the full-time lifestyle, what state is the best RV-friendly one for your new domicile? Click Full-time RVing.

What is this style of RVing called "boondocking?" Select Boondocking and find out.

Need to earn money while traveling? Learn about some of the options. Select Working/Volunteering.

Thinking of starting the RV lifestyle as a solo? Find lots of information on this site, click Solo Rving.

Are you a writer, maybe a "wanna be," but need some help getting started? Select Writing on the Road.

Don't forget to sign up for the RV Lifestyle eZine, delivered once each month to your eMailbox. Each issue adds to your knowledge about the lifestyle. To take a peek, click Link to Past eZines.

To learn more, click on the RV Books link.

Okay folks! See you down the road!