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  Avoid Blind-Spot Stress . . ..Rear View Mirror    

There is always going to be a certain amount of stress hurtling down the road with several tons of fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. But the RV lifestyle is worth finding solutions to handle that stress while in the travel mode.

Which one of these scenarios haunts you when you turn on the engine:

  • Suddenly, the meandering back road you have been traveling down at a comfortable pace flows into a busy two-lane road. The traffic speeds up and now everyone wants to pass you. If only you could see through that blind spot on the left side. Stress!
  • You need to get off at the next exit, but you are in the middle lane. Watch that blind spot on the right side. Stress!
  • Dusk is approaching, you are just arriving at your RV park site for the night. Boy, these spaces are tight. Now would be a good time for a neighbor to step out and offer to help. Stress!
  • You sure hope the trailer hitch is finally working properly. Since you cannot see it, the distraction is creating stress.

There is one low-tech solution and several high-tech solutions available today to help with this problem. You can spend a lot or a little.

The low-tech solution is to have your partner trail you in the car with a set of radios. There is extra gas cost and wear on the car, however, this works well if your partner likes to drive and pays attention to any hazardous conditions.

The high-tech solutions are many. In a perfect world, two side-mounted cameras plus a backup camera covers all the blind spots. A wired solution is the best choice for motorhomes, but wireless for trailers and fifth wheels seems the most logical choice.

If you are really stressed out, as many as 5 cameras and a split-screen display in the cockpit are available. At the other end of the stress level, just a simple camera hidden in the license plate to view the hitch.

Find out what high-tech options are available HERE.




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