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RVLE logo Welcome to the RV Lifestyle Experts home page. On this website resides several hundred pages of information on the RV lifestyle written by experts in this field. Send me an email if the answer to your lifestyle question is not available on this site.

Getting Started
What Does a Typical RV Lifestyle Day Look Like?
Choosing Your First RV
Choosing a HomeBase
Earning Money on the Road
Tips on Traveling Solo
Healthcare & the RV Lifestyle
Learn More - RV Books
Festivals & Rallies Happening Soon

As the moderator of this site, I plan to continue adding updated information so you have the latest scoop on this lifestyle. Keep checking back here for updates.

Whats New

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Cooking in an RV
Know the Rules of the Road in Any State
Buying an RV Long Distance
Filtering Your Water
Finding a Mobile Physician

Is This Lifestyle for YOU!
Take the Aptitude test

Continuing Education Online
Pre-Purchase Inspection
Sanitizing the Fresh Water Tank
Flushing the Hot Water Tank
RV Driving Schools & Boot Camps
Tips for Traveling With Pets

With 19 years on the road full-time, I have seen a variety of groups, newsletters, and even RV cultures fade away to be replaced with a sharper, more expressive imprint. I look forward to what the future brings, and so can you. Every day brings new surprises!

Technology now provides travelers with a reliable Internet source; new designs of recreational vehicles to better accommodate our wanderings; and lots of fun toys too. The current trend to archive our daily lives on smartphones ... who saw that coming!

With the current popularity of eBooks, we don't even need to seek out a library, it comes to us. For avid readers, what more could we ask.

...oh, well maybe some extra cash. To the rescue comes more volunteering, hosting and workamping possibilities than ever before, couple this with a sharp increase in online opportunities ... a little cash or a lot.

Our good fortune list keeps growing; every day there is something new to add. Life on the road, aaah, what a dream come true.


Some of the Roadmap to RVing files are in PDF format. If needed, download the free Adobe PDF Reader for PC or Mac here.

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